Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mechanical Engineering Department faculty.


Submissions from 2006

Advanced Parabolic Trough Field Testing: Real-Time Data Collection, Archiving, and Analysis for the Solargenix Advanced Parabolic Trough, Rick A. Hurt, Woosoon Yim, Robert F. Boehm, Mary Jane Hale, and Randy Gee

Advanced parabolic trough field testing: Real-time data collection, archiving, and analysis for the solargenix advanced parabolic trough, Rick Hurt, Woosoon Yim, Robert F. Boehm, Mary Jane Hale, and Randy Gee

Wet or Dry Cooling?, Ibrahim Khalil, Aaron M. Sahm, and Robert F. Boehm

Metallurgical and Corrosion Studies of Modified T91 Grade Steel, Pankaj Kumar, Debajyoti Maitra, and Ajit K. Roy

Analysis of a Time-Domain Finite Element Method for 3-D Maxwell's Equations in Dispersive Media, Jichun Li and Yitung Chen

High-Order Compact ADI Methods for Parabolic Equations, Jichun Li, Yitung Chen, and Guoqing Liu

Crushability Characterization For a Rigid Polyurethane Foam Under Various Loading Rates, Q. Liu and Brendan J. O'Toole

Natural Frequency Analysis of a Sandwich Panel with Soft Core Based on a Refined Shear Deformation Model, Qunli Liu and Yi Zhao

Simulation and Optimization of a Concentrated Photovoltaic System, Isaac Y. Mahderekal, Christopher K. Halford, and Robert F. Boehm

Performance of Magnetic Hydro-Dynamic Pump in Lead-Bismuth Eutectic Target Circuit (TC-1), J. Ma, N. Li, S. Ignatiev, and V. Kutanov


Output Feedback Adaptive Variable Structure Control of a Smart Projectile Fin, Smitha Mani, Sahjendra N. Singh, and Woosoon Yim

Light-Weight Fuel Cell-Battery Hybrid Vehicle Demonstration Project, R. Mauldin, Yahia Baghzouz, and Robert F. Boehm

Three-Dimensional CFD Predications and Experimental Comparison of Pressure Drop of some Common Pipe Fittings in Turbulent Flow, Samir F. Moujaes and S. Deshmukh

Effect of Envelope on Residential Cooling Load Coupled with use of solar/photovoltaic Panels, Samir F. Moujaes and R. Madeja

Preliminary Commissioning and Energy Audit of a UNLV Building, Samir Moujaes, Ken Teeters, Yahia Baghzouz, Richard A. Brickman, and Robert Madeja

Convergence Acceleration for Heat Transfer and Structural Simulations Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement, Jian H. Nie, Yitung Chen, David A. Hopkins, Lijian Sun, and Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh

Heat Transfer Enhancement of Separated Convection Flow Adjacent to Backward-Facing Step with Baffle, Jianhu Nie, Yitung Chen, Lijian Sun, and Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh

MCNPX Dose Analysis for a Dense Plasma Focus Neutron Source, R. OBrien and William G. Culbreth

Structural Response Of Blast Loaded Composite Containment Vessels, Brendan J. O'Toole, Mohamed Trabia, Jagadeep Thota, Trevor Wilcox, and Kumarswamy K. Nakalswamy


Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Preloaded Bolted Joints Under Impact Loading, Brendan O'Toole, Kumarswamy Karpanan, and Masoud Feghhi

Micromechanics and Bulk Properties of a Porous State-Change Material, Brendan O'Toole, S. Rahman, and L. Malpica

Structural Response of Blast Loaded Composite Containment Vessels, Brendan O'Toole, Mohamed Trabia, and Jagadeep Thota

Degradations of Type 422 Stainless Steel in Aqueous Environments, Ramprashad Prabhakaran and Ajit K. Roy

Electrochemical Reaction with RedOx Electrolyte in Toroidal Conduits in the Presence of Natural Convection, Shizhi Qian, Zongyuan Chen, Jing Wang, and Haim H. Bau

Coupling between Electroosmotically Driven Flow and Bipolar Faradaic Depolarization Processes in Electron-Conducting Microchannels, Shizhi Qian and Jerome F. L. Duval

Modulation of Electroosmotic Flows in Electron-Conducting Microchannels by Coupled Quasi-Reversible Faradaic and Adsorption-Mediated Depolarization, Shizhi Qian and Jerome F. L. Duval

Electrophoretic Motion of a Spherical Particle in a Converging-Diverging Nanotube, Shizhi Qian, Aihua Wang, and Juan K. Afonien

Monitoring of a Zero-Energy-House, S. Rosta, Rick A. Hurt, Robert F. Boehm, and Mary Jane Hale

Relationship of Residual Stress to Dislocation Density in Cold-Worked Martensitic Alloy, Ajit K. Roy, S. Bandyopadhyay, S. B. Suresh, Debajyoti Maitra, Pankaj Kumar, Douglas P. Wells, and L. Ma

Comparison of Residual Stress in Martensitic Alloys by Nondestructive Techniques, Ajit K. Roy, S. Bandyopadhyay, S. B. Suresh, and Douglas P. Wells


Cracking of Martensitic Alloy EP-823 Under Controlled Potential, Ajit K. Roy and M. K. Hossain

Tensile and Corrosion Behavior of Zr705 for Nuclear Hydrogen Generation, Ajit K. Roy and Ancila V. Kaiparambil

High-Temperature Tensile Properties of Nickel-Base Alloys for Hydrogen Generation, Ajit K. Roy, Joydeep Pal, and Rama S. Koripelli

Cleanliness Maintenance for an Amonix Lens System, Aaron M. Sahm, Allison Gray, Robert F. Boehm, and Ken Stone

Design and Tuning of Importance-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Flexible-Link Manipulator, Linda Z. Shi and Mohamed Trabia

Optimization of Finite Element Modeling Methodology for Projectile Models, Srujanbabu Sridharala, Mohamed Trabia, Brendan O'Toole, Vinod Chakka, and Mostafiz Chowdhury

Quasistatic and High Strain Rate Uniaxial Compressive Response of Polymeric Structural Foams, Ghatu Subhash, Qunli Liu, and Xin-Lin Gao

Corrosion and Precipitation Process in Non-Isothermal LBE Pipe/Loop Systems, Taide Tan, Huajun Chen, and Yi-tung Chen

Numerical Analysis of Natural Convection Induced Oxygen Transport in Liquid Lead Bismuth Eutectic, Xianfang Tan, Yitung Chen, Huajun Chen, Taide Tan, and Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh

Oxygen Transport in Liquid Lead Bismuth Eutectic Filled Cavity by Natural Convection, Xianfang Tan, Yitung Chen, Taide Tan, and Huajun Chen

A General Anti-Swing Fuzzy Controller for an Overhead Crane with Hoisting, Mohamed B. Trabia, Jamil M. Renno, and Kamal A.F. Moustafa

A Single Phase Anti-Swing Fuzzy Logic Controller for an Overhead Crane with Hoisting, Mohamed B. Trabia, Jamil M. Renno, and Kamal A.F. Moustafa


A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Autonomous Wheeled Vehicles, Mohamed Trabia, Linda Z. Shi, and Neil Eugene Hodge


Application of an HP-Adaptive Finite Element Method for Thermal Flow Problems, Xiuling Wang and Darrell Pepper

An Examination of Natural Convection Within a Spherical Enclosure Using HP-Adaptive FEM, Xiuling Wang and Darrell W. Pepper

Oxygen Control Technique in Molten Lead and Lead-Bismuth Eutectic Systems, Jinsuo Zhang, Ning Li, and Yitung Chen

Submissions from 2005

Residual Stress Measurements in Martensitic Stainless Steel, Subhra Bandyopadhyay and Silpa Budugur Suresh

Introduction and trends in the thermal design field, Robert F. Boehm

Establishing an Entertainment Engineering Curriculum, Robert F. Boehm, Joe Aldridge, and Brackley Frayer

Engineering for the Spectacle, Robert F. Boehm, Brackley Frayer, and Joe Aldridge

Theoretical Analysis of High Prandtl Number Heat Transfer in Non-Isothermal Pipe Flow, Huajun Chen, Yitung Chen, Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh, and Taide Tan

Improved Applications of a Kinetic Corrosion Model in Non-Isothermal Loop/Pipe Systems, Huajun Chen, Yitung Chen, Jinsuo Zhang, and Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh

Modeling Corrosion and Precipitation in Non-Isothermal LBE pipe/loop Systems, Yitung Chen, Huajun Chen, Jinsuo Zhang, and Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh

Theoretical Analysis on the Secondary Flow in a Rotating Helical Pipe with an Elliptical Cross Section, Yitung Chen, Jinsuo Zhang, Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh, and Huajun Chen


Stabilizing Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet, Yu Chen, Ajoy K. Datta, and Sebastien Tixeuil

Creating Innovative Curricula: Developing New Programs with New Paradigms, J. Dohn, Darrell Pepper, and E. Sandgren

Determination of Microvessel Permeability and Tissue Diffusion Coefficient of Solutes by Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy, Bingmei M. Fu, Roger H. Adamson, and Fitz-Roy E. Curry

Camp Diminishes VEGF-Induced Microvessel Hyperpermeability and Tumor Cell Adhesion in Vivo, Bingmei Fu and S. Shen

Modeling of Phase Change Material Peak Load Shifting, C. K. Halford and R. F. Boehm

Cell Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Rigid Polyurethane Foam, Michelle C. Hawkins, Brendan J. O'Toole, and Dacia Jackovich

A Progress Report on the UNLV Research Foundation University Consortium for Materials Compatibility and Performance, Anthony Hechanova, Ajit K. Roy, Per Peterson, Ronald Ballinger, Bunsen Wong, and Merrill Wilson

The Finite Element Method: Basic Concepts and Applications, Juan C. Heinrich and Darrell W. Pepper

Optimization of Fiber Orientations Near a Hole for Increased Load-Carrying Capacity of Composite Laminates, Jinhua Huang and R. T. Haftka

Algebraic Expressions of the CIE Standard Observers and Stockman Cone Fundamentals, Xin Hu and Kevin W. Houser

Large-Field Color Matching Functions, Xin Hu and Kevin W. Houser

Temperature and Mold Size Effects on Physical and Mechanical Properties of a Polyurethane Foam, Dacia Jackovich, Brendan O'Toole, and Michelle C. Hawkins

Behavior of a Novel Iterative Deconvolution Algorithm for System Identification, Qunli Liu, Ghatu Subhash, and Harold A. Evensen

A Parametric Study on Crushability of Open-Cell Structural Polymeric Foams, Qunli Liu, Ghatu Subhash, and Xin-Lin Gao

Effect of Soft Honeycomb Core on Flexural Vibration of Sandwich Panel, Qunli Liu, Yi Zhao, and Habib Eslami

Modeling and Semi-Active Predictive Control of a Magnetorheological Fluid Shock Isolation System, Ganesh B. Maganti, Sahjendra N. Singh, V. Subramaniam, and Satishkumar Subramaniam


On absolute stability and semi-active control of a magnetorheological fluid vibration suppression system, Ganesh B. Maganti, Sahjendra N. Singh, and Woosoon Yim

Enhancement of oxygen transfer in liquid lead and lead–bismuth eutectic by natural convection, Jian Ma, P. Guo, J. Zhang, N. Li, and B. Fu


Solid-phase oxygen control system, Jian Ma, Mohamed Trabia, Yingtao Jiang, and Samir Moujaes

The Particle in-flight characteristics in plasma spraying process measured by phase doppler anemometry (PDA), Jian Ma, S. C.M. Yu, and H. W. Ng

Adaptive Servoregulation of a Projectile Fin Using Piezoelectric Actuator, Smitha Mani, Sahjendra N. Singh, Surya Kiran Parimi, and Woosoon Yim


Adaptive Control of a Projectile Fin Using Piezoelectric Elastic Beam, Smitha Mani, Sahjendra N. Singh, Surya Kiran Parimi, Woosoon Yim, and Mohamed B. Trabia


Direct adaptive control of a smart projectile fin by piezoelectric flexible beam actuator, Smitha Mani, Sahjendra N. Singh, Surya K. Parimi, Woosoon Yim, and Mohamed B. Trabia

Reliability Analysis of a Robotic Workcell for Transmuter Find Fabrication, Georg F. Mauer and Jamil M. Renno

An Evaluation of a Residential Energy Conserving HVAC System and a Residential Energy demand/management System, Samir F. Moujaes and Sachin S. Deshmukh

Stability Analysis and Control of Overhead Crane With Time-Dependent Flexible Cable, Kamal A.F. Moustafa, Mohamed Trabia, and Mohamed I.S. Ismail

Characterization of State-Change Reconfigurable Tooling Materials, K. Nelson, Brendan O'Toole, S. Raagas, Sarah Rahman, G. Calvert, and L. Clements

The Behavior of Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites in a Multi-Layer Configuration, Jason W. Paquette, Kwang J. Kim, Doyeon Kim, and Woosoon Yim

Heat Transfer Analysis of Nuclear Waste Casks Stored in the Yucca Mountain Repository, Darrell Pepper and Yi-tung Chen


Application of Meshless Methods for Thermal Analysis, Darrell Pepper and Bozidar Sarler

Inverse Dynamics Based Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Single-Link Flexible Manipulator, Jamil M. Renno

Evaluation of Antivibration Glove Test Protocols Associated with the Revision of ISO 10819, Douglas D. Reynolds and Eric Wolf

Residual Stress Measurements in Structural Materials by Nondestructive Technique, Ajit K. Roy, Subhra Bandyopadhyay, and Suresh B. Sadineni

Characterization of Residual Stresses in Structural Materials for Nuclear Applications, Ajit K. Roy, Subhra Bandyopadhyay, Silpa B. Suresh, and Douglas P. Wells

Environment-Assisted Cracking of Structural Materials Under Different Loading Conditions, Ajit K. Roy, Mohammad K. Hossain, and Ramprashad Prabhakaran

Characterization of Materials for Hydrogen Generation by HIx Decomposition, Ajit K. Roy, Ancila V. Kaiparambil, and Radhakrishnan Santhanakrishnan


Tensile Properties of Martensitic Stainless Steels at Elevated Temperatures, Ajit K. Roy, Srinivasarao R. Kukatla, Bhagath Yarlagadda, V. N. Potluri, Martin Lewis, and Brendan O'Toole

Tensile Properties and Corrosion Susceptibility of Alloy C-276 in S-I Environment, Ajit K. Roy and J. Pal

Characterization of Structural Materials for Nuclear Hydrogen Generation, Ajit K. Roy, Radhakrishnan Santhanakrishnan, and Ancila Kaiparambil

Metallurgical and Corrosion Characterization of Structural Materials for the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative, Ajit K. Roy, Radhakrishnan Santhanakrishnan, Ancila Kaiparambil, Bunsen Wong, Gottfried Besenbruch, and Lloyd Brown

Mechanical Properties and Cracking Behavior of High-Temperature Heat-Exchanger Materials, Ajit K. Roy, Lalit Savalia, and Narendra Kothapalli


Residual Stress Characterization in Structural Materials by Destructive and Nondestructive Techniques, Ajit K. Roy, Anand Venkatesh, Vikram Marthandam, Satish Dronavalli, Douglas P. Wells, and Ronald Rogge

Metallurgical and Corrosion Study of Alloy 800H, Ajit K. Roy and V Virupaksha

Use of Alloy 800H as a Heat-Exchanger Material, Ajit K. Roy, Vinay Virupaksha, and Jagadesh Yelavarthi

Tensile Properties and Corrosion Characteristics of Heat-Exchanger Materials, A. K. Roy, R. Karamcheti, and L. Savalia

Cracking of Zirconium Alloys under Cathodic Applied Potential, A K. Roy, U Valliyil, and E Givindaraj