Faculty research from the Mechanical Engineering department.


Submissions from 2018

Mechanical Properties and Cytotoxicity of PLA/PCL Films, Heeseok Jeong, Jeongwon Rho, Ji-Yeon Shin, Deuk Yong Lee, Taeseon Hwang, and Kwang J. Kim


Copper-oxide spinel absorber coatings for high-temperature concentrated solar power systems, Dale E. Karas, Jongmin Byun, Jaeyun Moon, and Cilla Jose

Plug-and-play Radiation Sensor Components for Unmanned Aerial System Platform, Monia Kazemeini, Zachary Cook, Joon Lee, Alexander Barzilov, and Woosoon Yim

Towards Micro-Plate Delivery Using a Re-sized Lab Automation Drone in High Throughput Systems, Dongbin Kim and Paul Y. Oh


Mechanical Properties and Flame Retardancy of Surface Modified Magnesium Oxysulfate (5Mg(OH)2·Mgso4·3H2O) Whisker for Polypropylene Composites, Eui-Su Kim, Ye Chan Kim, Jungwoo Park, Youngjun Kim, Sung-Hoon Kim, Kwang Jin Kim, Jonghwan Suhr, Youngkwan Lee, Seong Hoon Lee, Dae-Sik Kim, Soo-Hyun Kim, Ju-Ho Yun, In-Kyung Park, and Jae-Do Nam

Computational Analysis of Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Rocket Fuel and Prospective Coating Materials, Valerie J. Lawdensky and William Culbreth


Design and Control of a Fully-Actuated Hexrotor for Aerial Manipulation Applications, Jameson Y. S. Lee, Kam K. Leang, and Woosoon Yim


Probability Density Function of Velocity Fluctuations in a Rectangular T-junction Duct, Mei Lin, Bo Su, Shi-Cong Li, Yan-Tao Yin, Qiu-Wang Wang, and Yi-Tung Chen

Study of the upper airway of obstructive sleep apnea patient using fluid structure interaction, Yang Liu, Jennifer Mitchell, Yi-Tung Chen, Woosoon Yim, Wenxiao Chu, and Robert Wang

Activated Carbon Impregnated by Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (AC/nZVI) Optimized for Simultaneous Adsorption and Reduction of Aqueous Hexavalent Chromium: Material Characterizations and Kinetic Studies, Soroosh Mortazavian, Hyeunhwan An, Dongwon Chun, and Jaeyun Moon

Synthesis, Characterization, and Kinetic Study of Activated Carbon Modified by Polysulfide Rubber Coating for Aqueous Hexavalent Chromium Removal, Soroosh Mortazavian, Ali Saber, Jaeyoung Hong, Jee-Hwan Bae, Dongwon Chun, Nicolas Wong, Daniel Gerrity, Jacimaria Batista, Kwang J. Kim, and Jaeyun Moon

Baseline Models for Three Types of CIGS Cells: Effects of Buffer Layer and Na Content, Marco Nardone, Yasas Patikirige, Curtis Walkons, Shubhra Bansal, Theresa M. Friedlmeier, Kyoung E. Kweon, Joel B. Varley, and Vincenzo Lordi


Computational Analysis of Blast Loaded Composite Cylinders, Stacy M. Nelson and Brendan J. O'Toole

IPMC Embedded in a Pneumatic Soft Robotic Actuator: Preliminary Experiments in Actuation and SensingBehaviors, J. Neubauer, Tiberio Stalbaum, and Kwang J. Kim


Electroactive Artificial Muscles Based on Functionally Antagonistic Core–Shell Polymer Electrolyte Derived from PS-b-PSS Block Copolymer, Van Hiep Nguyen, Jaehwan Kim, Rassoul Tabassian, Moumita Kotal, Kiwoo Jun, Jung-Hwan Oh, Ji-Myeong Son, Muhammad Taha Manzoor, Kwang Jin Kim, and Il-Kwon Oh

On Humanoid Co-Robot Locomotion when Mechanically Coupled to a Human Partner, Keitaro Nishimura, Magdalena Bugajska, Jean Vaz, Paul Y. Oh, Donald Sofge, and Daniel M. Lofaro

A Reduced Dimensional Mapping Approach for Modeling IPMCs with Computational Efficiency and Rapid Design Development Applications, Zakai J. Olsen and Kwang J. Kim


A Localized Meshless Technique for Generating 3-D Wind Fields, Darrell W. Pepper and Maria Ramos Gonzalez


Modelling of the Combined Microstructural and Cutting Edge Effects in Ultraprecision Machining, M. A. Rahman, K. S. Woon, Vellore Venkatesh, and M. Rahman


Nanoplatelet Reinforcement of Cavity Cell Walls in Polymer Foams Using Carbon Dioxide Supercritical Fluid, Hee Won Seo, Young Jun Kim, Sanghoon Kim, Jungwoo Park, Kisuk Choi, In-Kyung Park, Taesung Kim, Jonghwan Suhr, Kwang Jin Kim, and Jae-Do Nam

A Robotic Multiple-shape-memory Ionic Polymer–metal Composite (IPMC) Actuator: Modeling Approach, Qi Shen, Tyler Stalbaum, Nazanin Minaian, Il-Kwon Oh, and Kwang J. Kim

Influences of Dryout Parameters on Dryout and Post-dryout Heat Transfer, Jianxin Shi, Baozhi Sun, Yitung Chen, Xiang Yu, and Yanjun Li


Self-standing and Shape-memorable UV-curing Epoxy Polymers for Three Dimensional (3D) Continuous-filament Printing, Hanna Sun, Youn Sang Kim, Ye Chan Kim, In Kyung Park, Jonghwan Suhr, Doyoung Byun, Hyoukryeol Choi, Keon Kuk, Oh Hyun Baek, Y. K. Jung, Hyoungjin Choi, Kwang Jin Kim, and Jaedo Nam


Understanding the Thermal Properties of Precursor-Ionomers to Optimize Fabrication Processes for Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites (IPMCs), Sarah Trabia, Kisuk Choi, Zakai Olsen, Taeseon Hwang, Jae-Do Nam, and Kwang J. Kim

Transformer-DARwIn: A Hybrid Locomotion Humanoid Designed to Walk or Roll, Jean Chagas Vaz and Paul Y. Oh