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The article offers insights on the use of formative measurement in the information system (IS) discipline. It focuses on the comment which warns researchers on the pitfalls of misapplying formative measures in information system domain as well as on the issues related to computer self-efficacy (CSE) and formative measurement. It then asserts that formative indicator weights are sued in determining the conceptual meaning of constructs and notes that the conceptual definition of CSE will likely differ as they are used in different research models and contexts.


Computer literacy; Information technology; Methodology; Research; Self-efficacy


Business | Systems and Communications


Used with permission from the Association for Information Systems, Atlanta, GA; 404-413-7444; All rights reserved.

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Hardin, Andrew M.; Chang, Jerry Cha-Jan; and Fuller, Mark A. (2008) "Clarifying the Use of Formative Measurement in the IS Discipline: The Case of Computer Self-Efficacy," Journal of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 9: Iss. 9, Article 1. Available at:

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