Integrating Music Therapy Into Marriage and Family Therapy: Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives

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The integration of music therapy into marriage and family therapy is an under researched and largely unknown to many clinicians in this field. The understanding of musical integration should be expanded upon for others to utilize in their own therapeutic way. Musical integration in many areas of research shed light upon the improvements it can make to areas of post-operative rehabilitation, biological structures of the mind and body, stress reduction techniques, and therapeutic enhancement. Following a trial integration of music into couples therapy, clients participating in this trial integration found multiple positives effects upon themselves and their relational well-being. Musical integration holds the potential for significant change in the lives of many clients seeking therapeutic help from a marriage and family therapist and the ability to be refined through continued understanding and integration. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.


Client selected music; experiential; MFT; music; music therapy; musical integration

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