Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Couple & Family Therapy Program Faculty.


Submissions from 2021

Technology in Relationships and Satisfaction: Nationality as a Moderator, Katherine M. Hertlein

The Weaponized Web: How Internet Technologies Fuel Intimate Partner Violence, Katherine M. Hertlein

Experiences After Infidelity via Internet Communication: Surveillance, Ambivalence, and Termination, Katherine M. Hertlein, Jenna Chang, Ashley VanYperen, Kenneth Fatkin, and Shelby Nakamura

Toward Proficiency in Telebehavioral Health: Applying Interprofessional Competencies in Couple and Family Therapy, Katherine M. Hertlein, Kenneth P. Drude, Donald M. Hilty, and Marlene M. Maheu

Submissions from 2020

Our Family is A Team: A Structural Family Therapy Tool for Counselors, Brandon P. Eddy, Christa Clayton, and Katherine M. Hertlein


Active Husband Involvement During Pregnancy: A Grounded Theory, Brandon P. Eddy and Stephen T. Fife

Staying Connected: A Qualitative Analysis of Couple’s Technology Use during Pregnancy, Brandon P. Eddy and Katherine M. Hertlein

Integrating Solution‐Focused Brief Therapy for Systemic Posttraumatic Stress Prevention in Paediatrics, Benjamin T. Finlayson, Grergory N. Hall, and Sara Smock Jordan

SFBCT for Couples Raising a Child with Autism: A Grounded Theory Study, Valerie Handley, Brie Turns, Megan Chavez, and Sara Jordan

The Rationale Behind Texting, Videoconferencing, and Mobile Phones in Couple Relationships, Katherine M. Hertlein and Doris Chan

“What Next?”: Toward Telebehavioral Health Sustainability in Couple and Family Therapy, Katherine M. Hertlein, Kenneth Drude, and Sara S. Jordan

The Influence of Collaborative Pornography Viewing on Relationship Quality in Heterosexual Couples, Katherine M. Hertlein, Jonathan Molina, and Rachel Mooers

Predicting Engagement in Electronic Surveillance in Romantic Relationships, Katherine M. Hertlein and Leonard E. van Dyck BSc

Restorative Consultation in Schools: A Systematic Review and Call for Restorative Justice Science to Promote Anti-Racism and Social Justice, Samuel Y. Song, Jacqueline M. Eddy, Heather M. Thompson, Brian Adams, and Jennifer Beskow

Removing the Mystery in Supervision: Engaging in Transparent Supervision, Paul Springer, Brie Turns, D. Scott Sibley, and Brandon Eddy

Providing Immediate Hope to Survivors of Natural Disasters: A Miracle Question Intervention, Elijah Steinbrecher, Sara Smock Jordan, and Brie Turns

“Your Exile is Showing”: Integrating Sandtray with Internal Family Systems Therapy, Brie Turns, Paul Springer, Brandon P. Eddy, and D. Scott Sibley

Submissions from 2019


Forgotten Fathers: Postpartum Depression in Men, Brandon Eddy, Von Poll, Jason B. Whiting, and Marcia A. Clevesy

Systemic Sex Therapy, Katherine Hertlein Ph.D., Nancy Gambescia, and Gerald R. Weeks

Technology’s Role in Sexual Relationships: Impediments and Solutions, Katherine M. Hertlein and Afarin Rajaei

The Internet Family: Technology in Couple and Family Relationships, Katherine M. Hertlein and Mark L.C. Twist

The Self of the Mormon Sex Therapist: Strategies for Sex Therapists-in-Training, Derek Holyoak and Katherine Hertlein

The Process of Long-Term Suicide Bereavement: Responsibility, Familial Support, and Meaning Making, Quintin A. Hunt, Tod A. Young, and Katherine M. Hertlein

A University-Based Transdisciplinary Approach to Mental Health Workforce Shortages, Sara M. Hunt, Ramona W. Denby, Katherine M. Hertlein, Noelle Lefforge, and Michelle G. Paul

Parents’ Perceptions of Smartphone Use and Parenting Practices, David J. Johnson and Katherine M. Hertlein

The Use of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy with Families, Sara Smock Jordan

Is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Evidence-Based? An Update 10 Years Later, Johnny Kim, Sara Smock Jordan, Cynthia Franklin, and Adam Froerer

Men’s Experiences of Miscarriage: A Passive Phenomenological Analysis of Online Data, Megan Story Chavez, Valerie Handley, Rebecca Lucero Jones, Brandon Eddy, and Von Poll

Identifying and Enhancing Meaningful Relationships for Individuals with ASD: The Socially Playful Genogram, Brie A. Turns, Valerie A. Handley, Megan R. Story, and Katherine M. Hertlein

Assessing the Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for Couples Raising a Child with Autism: A Pilot Clinical Outcome Study, Brie Turns, Sara Smock Jordan, Kevin Callahan, Jason Whiting, and Nicole Piland Springer

Submissions from 2018


How Clients of Marriage and Family Therapists Make Decisions About Therapy Discontinuation and Persistence, Carissa D'Aniello, Fred P. Piercy, Megan L. Doblin-MacNab, and Susan N. Perkins


Practical Considerations for Conducting Client-Centered Process Research, Carissa D'Aniello, Markie L. C. Twist, Erin Sullivan, and Christa Clayton

Negative Explanation in Family Systems Theory, Carissa A. Daniello-Heyda, Stephen Fife, and Maria Pelczar

Negative Feedback in Family Systems Theory, Stephen Fife, Carissa A. Daniello-Heyda, and Derek Holyoke

Maintenance in couple and family therapy, Stephen Fife and Mandy Squires

Marriage and Family Therapy Students’ Experience with Common Factors Training, Stephen T. Fife, Carissa D'Aniello, Sarah Scott, and Erin Sullivan

The Interactions Between Power and Couple Satisfaction for Women, Valerie A. Handley, Kristy L. Soloski, Shelby Sewell, Alex Gowdy, Sara Smock Jordan, and Sara Elshershaby

Technology in MFT Service Delivery: Should Therapists Swipe Right on Disruptive Tech?, Katherine A. Hertlein


Attachment to Technology: The Missing Link, Katherine M. Hertlein and Markie L. C. Twist

The Need to Implement and Evaluate Telehealth Competency Frameworks to Ensure Quality Care across Behavioral Health Professions, Donald M. Hilty, Marlene M. Maheu, Kenneth P. Drude, and Katherine M. Hertlein

A Framework of Interprofessional Telebehavioral Health Competencies: Implementation and Challenges Moving Forward, Marlene M. Maheu, Kenneth P. Drude, Katherine M. Hertlein, and Donald M. Hilty


Deception in Family Therapy: Recognition, Implications, and Intervention, Janna North, Carly Shadid, and Katherine M. Hertlein

Systemic Integration of IFS Therapy and 12-Step Facilitation for Substance Use: A Theoretical Discussion, Jesse A. Smith, Nicholas D. Hayes, and Sara Smock Jordan

Are You in, or Are You Out? Implications of Inclusion Criteria in Sexual Minority Health Disparities Research, Kristy L. Soloski, Cayla Minaiy, John B. K. Purcell, Porter Macey, Sara Smock Jordan, Amelia E. Talley, and Mary Nedela

Submissions from 2017


Video Game Therapy: Application of the Couple and Family Technology Framework, M Curtis, M Phenix, M Munoz, and K M. Hertlein


Integrating Gatekeeping Practices into Core Competencies in MFT Training: Development of the Core Competency-Based Assessment Measure, C D’Aniello and K M. Hertlein

Common Factors Training in Accredited MFT Training Programs, Carissa A. Daniello-Heyda and Stephen Fife


Considerations for Intentional Use of Self-Disclosure for Family Therapists, C Daniello-Heyda and H N. Nguyen


Toddlers and Technology, Stephen Fife and Elisa Young


The Effect of Negative and Positive Childhood Divorce Experiences on Professional Performers, B Fladmo and K M. Hertlein

Technology and Families/Marriage., Katherine A. Hertlein

Child sexual abuse, Katherine A. Hertlein, Brittany Donaldson, and Nicole Walker

“My life is too chaotic to practice what I preach:” Personal and professional experiences of academic women in family studies-oriented programs., Katherine A. Hertlein, Erika Grafsky, Kiera McGillivary, and Kasey Owen

Masters in MFT Programs, Katherine A. Hertlein and Erica Hartwell


Challenges of Facilitating Forgiveness in Psychotherapy, Katherine M. Hertlein and Keaton Brown


High-Risk Sexual Behavior in Postmenopausal Women, Katherine M. Hertlein, Tara M. Emmers-Sommer, and Nicole Walker


Clinical practice in families of cyberbullying, K M. Hertlein


Cyberbullying and the family: Case study, K M. Hertlein


Does absence of evidence mean evidence of absence? Managing the issue of partner surveillance in infidelity treatment, K M. Hertlein, C Dulley, R Cloud, D Leon, and J Chang


Sext-ual healing: application of the couple and family technology framework to cases of sexual dysfunction, K M. Hertlein, S Nakamura, P Arguello, and K Langin


Sexting Behavior Among College Students: Implications for College Clinicians, K M. Hertlein and M L.C. Twist


The Logical and Clinical Argument for the Concept of Meta-Schema in Cognitive Therapy, K M. Hertlein and G R. Weeks

Telebehavioral Health, Telemental Health, e-Therapy and e-Health Competencies: the Need for an Interprofessional Framework, Donald M. Hilty, Marlene M. Maheu, Kenneth P. Drude, Katherine A. Hertlein, Karen Wall, Richard P. Long, and Tracy L. Luoma


The rise of digisexuality: therapeutic challenges and possibilities, N McArthur and M L.C. Twist


Mechanisms behind prolonged effects of parental divorce: A phenomenological study, Sheala C. Morrison, Stephen Fife, and Katherine M. Hertlein


The space between us: technology as an interplanetary bridge, R B. Peterson and M L.C. Twist

Ethical Couple and Family E-Therapy, Markie Twist and Katherine A. Hertlein


Electronic Visibility Management of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identities and Relationships in Young Adulthood, M L.C. Twist, M K. Bergdall, C K. Belous, and C A. Maier


Introduction to special issue on sex and technology, M L.C. Twist and N McArthur


Teaching Reframes in a Master’s Level Marriage and Family Therapist Program, G R. Weeks and C Daniello-Heyda

Submissions from 2016


Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees' Experiences of Learning and Applying Common Factors in Therapy: A Qualitative Participatory Study with Thematic Analysis, Carissa A. Daniello-Heyda, Jeanna Alvarado, Ericka Hulbert, Sarah Izaguirre, and Sean Miller


Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees’ Experiences of Learning and Applying Common Factors in Therapy: A Qualitative Participatory Study With Thematic Analysis, Carissa Daniello-Heyda, J Alvarado, E Hulbert, S Izaguirre, and Sean Miller


Common Factors Come Alive: Practical Strategies for Implementing Common Factors in MFT Training, Carissa A. Daniello-Heyda and Susan N. Perkins


Instrument Design and Principle Components Factor Analysis of the Productive Processes Inventory, Carissa A. Daniello-Heyda and Rachel B. Tambling


The Effect of Expectations on Intention to Persist in Therapy, Carissa A. Daniello-Heyda and Rachel B. Tambling


Cultural Sensitivity as an MFT Common Factor, Carissa Daniello-Heyda, Hoa N. Nguyen, and F P. Piercy

Adultery [cultural views of], Stephen Fife

Aspects of intimacy: Techniques for the couple therapist, Stephen Fife

The heart and soul of couple therapy, Stephen Fife

Transitioning from I-It to I-Thou: Breaking free of adversarial relationships between partners, Stephen Fife

Reflections on Intersecting Personal and Professional Identities, Katherine A. Hertlein

Online gaming and relational intimacy, Katherine A. Hertlein and Ryan M. Earl

Your Cyberplace or Mine?: Electronic Fantasy Dates, Katherine A. Hertlein and Stephen Fife


Attitudes Toward Bisexuality According to Sexual Orientation and Gender, Katherine Hertlein, E E. Hartwell, and M E. Munns


"Your cyberplace or mine?": Electronic fantasy dates, K M. Hertlein

International LGBTQ students across borders and within the college community, Hoa N. Nguyen, Ashish Agrawal, and Erika L. Grafsky


Exploring Visible and Invisible Differences and Similarities in Couple Therapy, Hoa N Nguyen, Carissa Daniello-Heyda, and B Hayes

Painting all Muslims with a broad brush: The need for perspective, a larger frame, and a kinder heart, Hoa N. Nguyen, Saeid Kianpour, Yesim Keskin, and Fred Piercy


Integrating Music Therapy Into Marriage and Family Therapy: Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives, K Smith and Katherine Hertlein


Unexplored identities: Attending to asexuality in therapeutic contexts, Sarah M. Steelman and Katherine M. Herlein


Review of Building Your Ideal Private Practice, by Lynn Grodzki, Elisa Straub, Valentina Pischchanskaya-Cayanan, and Stephen Fife


Review: Lynn Grodzki. Building Your Ideal Private Practice. (2015). New York & London: W.W.Norton & Company, 367 pp., $34.00 (hardback), Elisa Straub, Valentina Pishchanskaya-Cayanan, and Stephen Fife

The Couple and Family Therapy Technology Framework: Guidance for Online Practice, Markie Twist and Katherine A. Hertlein


Exploration of marriage and family therapy cyber supervision: A mixed data survey, Markie Twist, Katherine A. Hertlein, and Amna Haider


Electronic Communication in Supervisory Relationships: A Mixed Data Survey, M L. C. Twist, Katherine Hertlein, and A Haider

Techniques for the couple therapist: Essential interventions from the experts, Gerald R. Weeks, Stephen Fife, and Colleen Peterson

A clinician's guide to systemic sex therapy, Gerald R. Weeks, Nancy Gambescia, and Katherine M. Hertlein