Strategizing Product Displays on Social Media: the Case of Proactive Nostalgia

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Conference Proceeding

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SMA 2020: Society for Marketing Advances


Nostalgia is traditionally defined as a past-related longing. This research investigates whether consumers strategically create nostalgia for the future utilizing products. We introduce the phenomenon of proactive nostalgia, which refers to the desire to remember a specific content in the future. Particularly, we posit that the proactive nostalgia motivation could be the reason why consumers display material and experiential products for different durations on social media. Through four experiments with MTurk and student samples, we demonstrate that consumers tend to display experiential products as for a long time on social media, whereas, they tend to display material products for a short time. Furthermore, the level of proactive nostalgia mediates the relationship between product type and posting tendencies. Findings suggest that product display decisions on social media could be an innovative way of measuring a product’s value. Implications related to self-construal and culture are discussed.


Proactive nostalgia; Social media; Post type; Experiential products; Material products


Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Media



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