Demography; Economics; Education; Health services accessibility; Housing; Population forecasting; Public health; Research grants


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This manuscript is the first of a series written for the Nevada Journal of Public Health. The series is result of research conducted for the Southern Nevada Strong, Sustainable Communities Grant. During Year One of the planning process, we created a Southern Nevada Existing Conditions Report. This report highlighted where the region stood on key metrics including: demographics and population projections, access to healthcare and health outcomes, healthy community, housing, environment, economy and education. For this special issue of the Nevada Journal of Public Health, the report was separated into seven articles related to each of these metrics. The articles will present public health professionals with the current conditions in the seven areas for Southern Nevada and make comparisons to Mountain West peer metropolitan areas. The purpose of this introduction article is to describe the methodology and rationale used to create the initial report. It will also provide the criteria used to select our peer regions and a general description of the study area. Lastly, this article includes short synopses of the key findings from each of the seven supportive manuscripts and provides some recommendations for public health professionals in Nevada. It is our hope that the work of bringing together this series will benefit the greater public health community in Nevada.