Cervical Cancer; Low-income; Patient Satisfaction


Immune System Diseases | Public Health | Virus Diseases


A cross-sectional study of patients participating in the Nevada State Health Division’s Women Health Connection Program (WHC) was conducted to assess patient satisfaction for cervical cancer screening. In this study, 528 WHC program patients provided information regarding their satisfaction with the treatment services they received, accessibility issues, breast and cervical cancer health education and information, and overall program satisfaction. A large majority of patients reported high levels of satisfaction with the program services and clinic personnel. Significant positive correlations were found when comparing satisfaction with services received at the clinic to treatment received by physicians, nurses, and admissions personnel, how well information provided to patients eased their concerns, and when results were discussed with patients. Wait time for admission and to see a physician were negatively correlated to satisfaction. Those who reported that they would not use services again indicated lower levels of satisfaction with the information received and treatment from caregivers and admissions personnel when compared to those who would use the program again.