Carbohydrates; Diet; Fatigue; Monosaccharides; Nutrition – Health aspects


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Fatigue is a condition that negatively impacts quality of life and occurs in about twenty four percent of adults worldwide. Many factors may contribute to fatigue. One factor is the macronutrient composition of a person’s diet, particularly, the amount of simple carbohydrates. This paper is a review of the current literature and examines the relationship of carbohydrate consumption and fatigue to determine if a diet low in simple carbohydrates results in an improvement in fatigue ratings. Results of studies regarding carbohydrate consumption and fatigue vary, the preponderance demonstrate a positive relationship between simple carbohydrate consumption and fatigue. Additionally, diets low in simple carbohydrates may improve cognition, mood and help reduce type 2 diabetes. To date, no study has been conducted to examine the long term effect of a diet low in simple carbohydrates therefore further research is needed in this area.