Primer in Genetics and Genomics, Article 2—Advancing Nursing Research With Genomic Approaches: A Review of Methodological Considerations

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Purpose: Nurses investigate reasons for variable patient symptoms and responses to treatments to inform how best to improve outcomes. Genomics has the potential to guide nursing research exploring contributions to individual variability. This article is meant to serve as an introduction to the novel methods available through genomics for addressing this critical issue and includes a review of methodological considerations for selected genomic approaches. Approach: This review presents essential concepts in genetics and genomics that will allow readers to identify upcoming trends in genomics nursing research and improve research practice. It introduces general principles of genomic research and provides an overview of the research process. It also highlights selected nursing studies that serve as clinical examples of the use of genomic technologies. Finally, the authors provide suggestions about how to apply genomic technology in nursing research along with directions for future research. Conclusions: Using genomic approaches in nursing research can advance the understanding of the complex pathophysiology of disease susceptibility and different patient responses to interventions. Nurses should be incorporating genomics into education, clinical practice, and research as the influence of genomics in health-care research and practice continues to grow. Nurses are also well placed to translate genomic discoveries into improved methods for patient assessment and intervention. © 2017, © The Author(s) 2017.

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