Detecting IV infiltrations using a Venoscope®

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This research evaluates the Venoscope® for its ability to detect infiltrations when present (sensitivity) and to detect the absence of infiltrations when not present (specificity), and compares these findings with those obtained via ultrasonography. Healthy adult volunteers were randomly assigned to receive or not receive an intentionally made 5-ml normal-saline infiltration. The Venoscope® had a sensitivity of .92-.93 and a specificity of .89-1.0. Ultrasound had a sensitivity of .92-.93 and a specificity of .22-25. The Venoscope®, which is simple and easy to use, is a valid indicator of the presence and absence of IV infiltrations.


Intravenous therapy – Equipment and supplies – Testing; Medical instruments and apparatus – Testing


Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment | Equipment and Supplies | Nursing


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