Where's the Curriculum? APN ALERT (Advanced LEaRner Training)

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BACKGROUND: In 2017 the National Nursing Workforce study showed the average age of a working RN is 51 years old. Specialization takes years of practice and many of those in the pain community who have mastered their craft are nearing the age of retirement, leading to a provider gap. Active recruitment and training of a new generation of advance practice nurses (APNs) is needed. Most Nursing Boards require the APN to undergo both didactic and clinical education to expand their scope beyond their basic graduate training. Specializing in Advance Practice pain management Nursing would fit within this category. There are many ways to obtain didactic learning in pain management including but not limited to publications and national conferences such as ASPMN's, however none of these training opportunities provide the hands-on clinical experience that is so desperately needed for the Advance Practice provider. Problem: Active recruitment and training of a new generation of APRNs are needed incorporating both didactic and clinical experiences. PURPOSE: This session will review current state and different curricula for the on boarding of APNs new to pain management that have been developed at both adult and pediatric medical centers across the United States. Discussion and Conclusions: Opportunities, challenges and gaps will be presented via a panel of pain expert APNs. Discussion will surround possible solutions to the on-boarding crisis as well as what our future state could look like. Audience participation is encouraged and will include discussion of what kind of role the American Society for Pain Management Nursing might take in developing such curriculum.


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