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As the new year begins, we are pleased to present a discussion among 3 eminent nurse researchers about the current state of nursing science. This discussion also serves to introduce a new type of feature to Biological Research for Nursing: that of article and invited commentaries. The article is a transcript of the keynote address given by Dr Heitkemper at the State of the Science Congress held in Washington, DC, in September 2002. In this report, Drs Heitkemper and Bond offer a paradigm for considering our discipline’s domains: the human response model. They also suggest 4 goals toward which we should strive: 1) elimination of the nursing shortage, 2) patients living their lives to their highest potential, 3) utilization of evidence-based practice in all clinical settings, and 4) conduct and dissemination of research that influences health policy. As accompaniment to this important article, we are pleased to present commentaries by Dr Grady, director of NINR, and Dr Donaldson, past dean of the College of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University. Dr Grady confirms the state of the science as summarized by Drs Heitkemper and Bond, adding that their summary clarifies and motivates us to fulfill the scientific and societal mandate to advance nursing science. Dr Donaldson describes an alternate way of viewing the progress nursing has made in advancing the science of human health. She proposes the unified domain model as an organizational structure. This article and the associated commentaries should provide valuable food for thought for nursing researchers as they consider future projects.We plan to continue this type of feature in future issues in the hope that such interchange can play a significant role in the journal’s mission of helping to advance nursing research.


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