Integrating biology into total patient care

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In my view, biological and physiological research underlies all aspects of nursing. Based on discussions that I’ve had over the years with graduate students, other faculty members, and practicing nurses, however, I’ve begun to worry that the profession has strayed from this focus on the basic sciences. Of course, it’s not difficult to see why such a shift may have come about. In our mission to provide total patient care, nurses face the daunting challenge of integrating information from all fields. To successfully provide comprehensive care, we must incorporate knowledge from a very broad group of disciplines, including business, engineering, education, communication, and health policy, as well as the more obvious social sciences. In fact, I cannot think of even one academic discipline that is not relevant to nursing. I, myself, have even used the performing arts in the classroom! Thus, it is no wonder that the biological sciences get lost in our students’ education.


Biology – Research; Editorials; Interdisciplinary approach in education; Interdisciplinary research; Nursing – Research; Nursing – Study and teaching (Graduate); Physiology – Research


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