Transitional programs for internationally educated nurses: A systematic review

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Both the numbers and the proportions of international nurses in some Western countries are rapidly growing. There are numerous post-hire transitional programs designed to facilitate the transition of these nurses; however, little information is available on the evaluation of the “state-of-the-art” of these programs. A systematic review of 20 post-hire transitional programs for international nurses was conducted to evaluate the status of these programs regarding country of origin, research- versus non-research-based articles, proposed versus implemented programs, program structure and content (i.e., mentorship, formal language or communication training, length, single vs. multiple component, logistics support, and theoretical or conceptual framework), and indicators for program success. Data from this review indicate that most programs were not evidence-based. In addition, there is minimal research on transitional programs, especially their effectiveness. Implications and recommendations for practice and future research are elaborated here in light of the review findings.


Acculturation; Assimilation (Sociology); Nurses; Foreign


Nursing Administration | Other Nursing


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