A Model for enhancing intercultural communication in nursing education

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Based on real-world experience, this article constructs a model to improve intercultural communication in nursing education. First, a framework of cultural variability is described to provide a conceptual lens through which to examine the experience that led to this article. Second, accounts of an event during a clinical nursing course that caused misunderstanding are presented. Third, through contextual analysis, the discrepancies of the perceived reality between two involved faculty are bridged with commentaries from other faculty colleagues. These commentaries provide footnotes and insight into cultural nuances surrounding the event and are supplemented by a rebuttal by the two involved faculty. Consequently, a better understanding of the other party’s perspective is gained, and a model for enhancing intercultural communication emerged. Finally, implications of applying the proposed model in nursing education are elaborated.


Communication in nursing; Conceptual model; Intercultural communication; Nursing education; Nursing – Study and teaching


Education | Nursing | Other Nursing | Vital and Health Statistics

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