Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nursing Department faculty.


Submissions from 2015


Lower brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels associated with worsening fatigue in prostate cancer patients during repeated stress from radiation therapy., L N. Saligan, Nada Lukkahatai, G Holder, B Walitt, and R Machado-Vieira

Hapag Kainan: Dietary consumption of fat, sugar, fruits and vegetables among Filipino-Americans, Reimund Serafica, Susan Lane, and Clementina D. Ceria-Ulep


Academic Outcome Measures of a Dedicated Education Unit Over Time: Help or Hinder?, Tish Smyer, Tricia Gatlin, Rhigel Tan, Marianne Tejada, and Du Feng


Do Modifiable Cardiovascular Risk Factors Differ By Rural Classification in Women Who Enroll in a Weight Loss Intervention?, Dieu-My Tran, Carol H. Pullen, Lani M. Zimmerman Patricia, and A. Hageman University of Nebraska

Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Young Adults: a Literature Review, Dieu-My Tran and Lani M. Zimmerman

A Small Slice of History: Nurse Practitioners in Nevada, Susan S. Vanbeuge

Malpractice and Liability in Practice, Susan S. Vanbeuge

Meet Board Member, Susan S. Vanbeuge

Submissions from 2014


Effectiveness of a Poverty Simulation in Second Life®: Changing Nursing Student Attitudes toward Poor People, Nancy Menzel, Laura Helen Willson, and Jessica Doolen


Time course of chemokine expression and leukocyte infiltration after acute skeletal muscle injury in mice, Jennifer Nicholas, Joachim G. Voss, Joyce Tsuji, Nadia D. Fulkerson, Julia Soulakova, and Barbara St. Pierre Schneider


Hispanic Construction Workers and Assertiveness Training, Pramen Shrestha and Nancy Menzel

Submissions from 2013

Mouse model of muscle crush injury of the legs, Georgina L. Dobek, Nadia D. Fulkerson, J. Nicholas, and Barbara St. Pierre Schneider


Simulated flight, muscle genetics, and inflammatory indicators in mice, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, Sheniz Moonie, Nadia D. Fulkerson, J. Nicholas, and J. G. Voss


Comparison of methodologic quality and study/report characteristics between quantitative clinical nursing and nursing education research articles, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, J. Nicholas, and J. E. Kurrus


Effectiveness of a reference accuracy strategy for peer-reviewed journal articles, Kirsten Speck and Barbara St. Pierre Schneider


A rodent model to advance the field treatment of crush muscle injury during earthquakes and other natural disasters, Kirsten Speck, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, and Nadia Deashinta

Submissions from 2012


Health Effects Associated with Foreclosure: A Secondary Analysis of Hospital Discharge Data, Nancy Menzel, Sheniz Moonie, and Melva V. Thompson-Robinson


Social Marketing to Plan a Fall Prevention Program for Latino Construction Workers, Nancy Menzel and Pramen Shrestha

Effects of a short-term linguistic class on communication competence of international nurses: Implications for practice, policy, and research, Jay J. Shen, Margaret Covelli, Yu Xu, Anne L. Bolstad, Miriam Torpey, and Roseann Colosimo

Submissions from 2011

The Impact of tai chi exercise on CHD: A systematic review, Alona Dalusung-Angosta


Methodological quality and scientific impact of quantitative nursing education research over 18 months, Carolyn B. Yucha, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, Tish Smyer, S. Kowalski, and E. Stowers

Submissions from 2010

Concept analysis of risk in relation to coronary heart disease among Filipino-Americans, Alona Dalusung-Angosta


Coronary Heart Disease Knowledge and Risk Factors Among Filipino-Americans Connected to Primary Care Services, Alona N. Dalusung-Angosta

Latino worker perceptions of construction hazards, Nancy Menzel and Antonio P. Gutierrez

Is transition of internationally educated nurses a regulatory issue, Yu Xu

The mediating effect of self-efficacy on the relationship between health literacy and health status in Korean older adults, Yu Xu

Transitioning international nurses: An outlined evidence-based program for acute care settings, Yu Xu

Speak for success: A pilot study on communication competence of post-hire international nurses, Yu Xu, Anne L. Bolstad, Jay J. Shen, and Margaret Covelli

Transition into practice: Experiences of Filipino physician-turned nurse practitioners, Yu Xu and A. Jauregui

Relationship of job satisfaction with perceived organizational support and quality of care among South Korean nurses: A questionnaire survey, Yu Xu, Chanyeong Kwak, and Bok Yae Chung

Evaluation of an intervention on sociocultural communication skills of international nurses, Yu Xu, Jay J. Shen, Anne L. Bolstad, M. Covelli, and M. Torpey

Characteristics of internationally educated nurses in the United States: An update from 2004 national sample survey of registered nurses, Yu Xu and H. Zaikina-Montgomery


Raising BRN: Growth of a journal, Carolyn B. Yucha and Marnie E. Wiss

Submissions from 2007

Utilizing rare diseases as models for biobehavioral research: Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, P A. Greenberger, Carolyn B. Yucha, S Janson, and K Huss

Psychosocial and physiological stress among women leaving welfare, Shawn M. Kneipp, Dinah P. Welch, Charles E. Wood, Carolyn B. Yucha, and Hossein Yarandi

Las Vegas: A sustainable urban environment for health?, Nancy Menzel

Psychosocial factors in musculoskeletal disorders, Nancy Menzel

Preventing musculoskeletal disorders in nurses: Development of a safe patient handling curriculum module for nursing schools, Nancy Menzel, Nancy Hughes, Thomas R. Waters, and Audrey L. Nelson


Effectiveness of an evidence-based curriculum module in nursing schools: Targeting safe patient handling and movement, Nancy Menzel, Audrey L. Nelson, Thomas R. Waters, Nancy Hughes, Pamela C. Hagan, Gail Powell-Cope, and Viviam Thompson

Ergonomic assessment of a critical care unit, Nancy Menzel and Sheri Stucke

Neutrophil infiltration in exercise-injured skeletal muscle: How do we resolve the controversy?, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider and P. M. Tiidus

Comparative trend analysis of characteristics of internationally educated nurses and U.S. educated nurses, Yu Xu

Strangers in strange lands: A meta-synthesis of lived experiences of immigrant Asian nurses working in Western countries, Yu Xu

Adressing hidden dimension in nursing education: Cultural competence training for continuous program quality improvement, Yu Xu and Kimberly F. Carter

Physiological effects of slot play in women, Carolyn B. Yucha, Bo J. Bernhard, and Catherine Andrea Prato

Submissions from 2005

Obesity-related cardiovascular risk factors: Intervention recommendations to decrease adolescent obesity, K. S. Calderon, Carolyn B. Yucha, and S. Schaffer

Physiological wet laboratory facilities in colleges of nursing, S. Schaffer and Carolyn B. Yucha


Indices of leukocyte infiltration and muscle recovery after eccentric contraction-induced injury in young and adult male mice, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, Jason P. Fine, and Peter M. Tiidus

Characteristics of internationally educated nurses in the U.S.: Finding from 2000 national sample survey of registered nurses, Yu Xu

What if your nursing student is from an Asian culture?, Yu Xu

Intercultural communication in nursing education: When Asian students and American faculty converge, Yu Xu and Ruth Davidhizar

Academic and clinical dissonance in nursing education: Are we guilty of failure to rescue?, Yu Xu and Tom Meyer

Cancer risk factors among Southeast Asian American residents of the U.S. central Gulf Coast, Yu Xu, M. Candice Ross, Rebecca Ryan, and Bin Wang

Cancer risk factors of Vietnamese Americans in rural south Alabama, Yu Xu, Rebecca Ryan, Bin Wang, and M. Candice Ross

One size doesn't fit all: Ethics of international nurse recruitment from the conceptual framework of stakeholder interests, Yu Xu and J. Z. Zhang

Biofeedback-assisted relaxation training for essential hypertension: Who is most likely to benefit?, Carolyn B. Yucha, P. Tsai, K. S. Calderon, and L. Tian

Submissions from 2004


P-selectin inhibition suppresses muscle regeneration following injury, Wallace Baker, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, Anhurunda Kulkarni, Gloria Sloan, Robert Schaub, Joseph Sypek, and Joseph G. Cannon

The impact (factor) of BRN, Sylvia D. Burns, Carolyn B. Yucha, and Marnie E. Wiss

Renal regulation of extracellular fluid volume and osmolality, Lori Candela and Carolyn B. Yucha

Urinary concentration and dilution, D. Guthrie and Carolyn B. Yucha

Back pain prevalence in nursing personnel: Measurement issues, Nancy Menzel

The Physical workload of nursing personnel: Association with musculoskeletal discomfort, Nancy Menzel

Relaxation & pain management: The relaxation response can play a role in managing chronic and acute pain, S. Schaffer and Carolyn B. Yucha


The effects of estradiol and progesterone on plantaflexor muscle fatigue in ovariectomized mice, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, Jason P. Fine, Timothy Nadolski, and Peter M. Tiidus

Conflict management styles of Asian and Asian American nurses: Implications for the nurse manager, Yu Xu and Ruth Davidhizar

A Model for enhancing intercultural communication in nursing education, Yu Xu, Krista Lippold, Aaron Gilligan, Patricia Posey-Goodwin, and Barbara Broome

Renal regulation of acid-base balance, Carolyn B. Yucha

Renal control of phosphorus and magnesium, Carolyn B. Yucha and Jennifer R. Dungan

Submissions from 2003


M1/70 attenuates blood-borne neutrophil oxidants, activation and myofiber damage following stretch injury, S. Brickson, L. L. Ji, K. Schell, R. Olabisi, Barbara St. Pierre Schneider, and T. M. Best

Physiologic correlates of comfort in healthy children, R. L. Foster, Carolyn B. Yucha, J. Zuk, and C. P. Vojir

Preventing nursing back injuries: Redesigning patient handling tasks, Nancy Menzel and Audrey L. Nelson

Myths and facts about back injuries in nursing, Nancy Menzel, Audrey L. Nelson, and Guy Fragala

Hemodynamics and arterial properties in response to mental stress in individuals with mild hypertension, P. S. Tsai, Carolyn B. Yucha, W. W. Nichols, and Hossein Yarandi