Enhanced Superconducting Transition Temperature in Electroplated Rhenium

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We show that electroplated Re films in multilayers with noble metals such as Cu, Au, and Pd have an enhanced superconducting critical temperature relative to previous methods of preparing Re. The dc resistance and magnetic susceptibility indicate a critical temperature of approximately 6 K. The magnetic response as a function of field at 1.8 K demonstrates type-II superconductivity, with an upper critical field on the order of 2.5 T. Critical current densities greater than 107 A/m2 were measured above liquid-helium temperature. Low-loss at radio frequency was obtained below the critical temperature for multilayers deposited onto resonators made with Cu traces on commercial circuit boards. These electroplated superconducting films can be integrated into a wide range of standard components for low-temperature electronics.


Critical current density (superconductivity); Liquefied gases; Magnetic susceptibility; Multilayers; Rhenium; Superconducting films; Superfluid helium


Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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