A Real-time Web-based Wildfire Simulation System

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In order to simplify current fire simulation models for more wide-spread use, a Real-time Web-based Wildfire Simulation System (RWWSS) was developed. RWWSS is a web-based application that provides free access to exploring wildfire simulations. It was developed as an educational tool for the purpose of helping people understand the mechanism of fire propagation and its key impact factors, as well as for motivating fire prevention efforts. The model was implemented using the geography of the Lehman Creek watershed, Great Basin National Park, Nevada, USA. Through numerical simulation of fire propagation, the features of fire intensity, direction, and duration, based on the key factors of slope, wind, and vegetation type are estimated and presented on a 2D map. The user can change these key factors, making the application interactive. With improvements to the model RWWSS could be used for further research purposes. © 2016 IEEE.


Education; Fire simulation; Real time; RWWSS; Web-based application

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