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The Clark County stewardship database is the only one of its kind among all Nevada counties. Funding for this database from Clark County is vital to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of Clark County cultural resources.

Two programmers were hired to design and implement a relational database for the CSSP. During this quarter, a system was designed in ACCESS and has accomplished the following:

• Store personnel information and required documentation on volunteer site stewards. Names of all 3 52 stewards were inputted and fully populate the database. Ethics Statements and Volunteer Agreements unique to each steward are recorded.

• House confidential archaeological site information such as site type, location, and archaeological data for each site that may benefit scientific understanding of Clark County history and prehistory. All site monitoring units (several hundred) were input. Site Monitoring Reports, Impact Reports and pertinent site data gathered from October 1, 2007 through the present are added. Addition of all reports and data obtained from September 30, 2007 back to December, 2004 when the CSSP was implemented are currently under way.

• Planned queries and reports specific to agency needs are being developed.


Antiquities; Prehistoric; Cultural property – Databases; Cultural property – Protection; Historic sites – Databases; Historic sites – Protection; Interagency coordination; Nevada; Vandalism; Volunteers


Archaeological Anthropology | Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis | Historic Preservation and Conservation




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