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This document provides guidelines about the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective Environmental Education and Interpretation (EE&I) experiences in the state of Nevada. Effective experiences not only further the mission of the organization but also inspire understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of Southern Nevada’s environment.

Standards of Best Practices for Nevada Environmental Education & Interpretation (NEE&I) Professionals is a guide for providers working at public lands, nature centers, museums, zoos, aquaria, schools, and all nature and heritage-rich places. It is designed to help NEE&I providers develop and implement the highest quality experiences for all possible audiences. It is a tool for NEE&I providers to use as they develop new experiences, deliver programs, or evaluate the effectiveness of the experience. Because EE&I experiences come in many forms, not every part of this document will apply to every EE&I experience.


Curriculum planning; Ecology – Study and teaching; Environmental literacy; Environmental sciences – Study and teaching; Nevada


Curriculum and Instruction | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Science and Mathematics Education