Forever Earth Curriculum: Quarterly Progress Report, Period Ending May 31, 2009

Margaret N. Rees, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Cooperative Agreement Number H8R07060001

Task Agreement Number J8R07070004 Mod. 02

Signatures have been redacted for privacy and security measures.


Highlights of the university 's focused efforts during the past three months include the following:

  • Twenty-four people from the Summer and Fall 2008 cohorts have successfully graduated from the Nevada State Certification in Environmental and Interpretation Program.
  • Planning continues for the mobile exhibit program to support and deliver SNAP messages.
  • Fifty people have participated in each of two SNAP Families & Nature events, and will participate in an educational field trip to the Spring Mountains on June 20, 2009
  • Forever Earth was scheduled on 53 days involving 1985 individuals.
  • Discover Mojave Outdoor World conducted 17 events for 329 participants.
  • A successful partnership with Clark County School District has resulted in middle school physical education students participating in hiking, indoor rock climbing, and kayaking activities in the Outdoor World program.