Discover Mojave Forever Earth Curriculum 2008/2009 Edition

Daphne Sewing, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Allison Brody, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Jennell M. Miller, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The Discover Mojave Forever Earth Curriculum Manual is a living document, of which this is its first printed edition. This document outlines and provides resources for on-site programming, pre-visit lessons, and post visit lessons for programs that are currently being field tested and assessed by the Public Lands Institute and Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Each lesson is aligned with Clark County School District and Nevada State Academic Standards. In addition , each lesson is correlated with the themes identified initially by the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership Conservation Education and Interpretation Team.

These programs will develop further and undergo additional refinement. This document is updated regularly. The layout and organization will also change as lessons and activities are finalized, and the graphical "look" of the handouts (i.e., activity materials, demonstrations, reference sheets, and worksheets for students,
facilitators, and teachers) will also undergo modification. Please contact the Project Manager for the most up-to-date version of the programming described herein.