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Project 1

  • Technical assistance with the implementation of the Interagency Monitoring Action Plan (I-MAP) for Quagga Mussels is ongoing. During this quarter, analysis was completed for 21 adult/juvenile samples and analyses of the remaining samples are underway. A manuscript describing the I-MAP and its history, current recommended monitoring, and recommended future monitoring and a separate manuscript describing the I-MAP’s monitoring protocol were accepted for publication in the journal Aquatic Invasions. Two other manuscripts describing other aspects of the I-MAP program were published in Lake and Reservoir Management.

Project 2

  • Annual summary sheets are under development for the topics listed within the Limnological and Aquatic Resource Monitoring and Research Plan for Lakes Mead and Mohave.
  • Content, including links and photos for the Lake Mead and Lake Mohave Overview web pages have been delivered to the NPS Lake Mead NRA Visual Arts Office and are in the design phase, along with the previously submitted content.
  • All associated deliverables from NPS project partners are continuing to be collected for a close-out report to SNPLMA on all Water 2025 Conservation Initiative-funded projects (Rounds 4 and 5).


Aquatic resources; Dreissena; Freshwater ecology; Introduced aquatic organisms; Limnology; Quagga mussel; United States – Lake Mead National Recreation Area; United States – Lake Mohave


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Monitoring | Fresh Water Studies | Natural Resources and Conservation | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology




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