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Hiring: A decision is anticipated in the upcoming weeks regarding the hiring of a limnologist. Two candidates were selected from among three qualified applicants for telephone interviews; they were subsequently interviewed in-person.

Project 1: Review of the draft Boulder Basin Adaptive Management Plan is on-going. Meetings of the Systems Conveyance and Operations Program (SCOP) Technical Advisory Teams were attended.

Project 2: Development of a white paper expressing the joint needs of the entities involved in Water 2025 projects is on-going; scientific review of data and reports related to bacteria in high-use areas of Lake Mead is underway.

Project 3: Discussions and projects are underway to address immediate needs at Lake Mead National Recreation Area related to quagga mussels.

Project 4: The Microsoft Access database, which organizes the results of an on-going comprehensive literature search of Lake Mead limnological studies, is being fine-tuned by a database programmer to maximize usability and transferability.

Project 5: All six session summaries for the Lake Mead Science Symposium (January 13-15, 2009) have been finalized, a budget and preliminary schedule have been created, a save-the-date announcement has been distributed, and a logo and web site ( posting preliminary content has been established.

Project 6: Eight of 10 Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA)-funded Lake Mead water resources projects have been reviewed and summarized.


Dreissena; Freshwater ecology; Introduced aquatic organisms; Limnology; Quagga mussel; United States – Lake Mead National Recreation Area; Water-supply – Management; Zebra mussel


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring | Fresh Water Studies | Natural Resources and Conservation | Systems Biology | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology




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