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Project 1. Relict Leopard Frog Monitoring, Management, and Research

  • All milestones and deliverables associated with the MSHCP project are on schedule
  • Translocation field season has been completed
  • Spring monitoring surveys have been completed
  • Dana Drake, UNLV Research Assistant, has left the project

Project 2. Bald Eagle Winter Monitoring and Evaluation

  • All MSHCP milestones and deliverables are on schedule

Project 3. Peregrine Falcon Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The MSHCP projects are on schedule for all milestones and deliverables
  • Peregrine falcon monitoring of breeding activities are ongoing and are nearing completion
  • Method testing of active survey methodology has been completed
  • Stacy Crowe was hired under part-time contract to assist with habitat modeling

Project 4. Assessment of Six Covered and Three Evaluation Bird Species

  • Project is on schedule for all associated MSHCP milestones and deliverable
  • Thrasher habitat modeling completed
  • Completed compilation of historical location data for targeted songbird species
  • Geodatabase created for data associated with targeted songbird surveys
  • Field surveys initiated for targeted species at historical sites
  • Field surveys conducted for intensive area searches

Project 5. Desert Tortoise Monitoring and Management.

  • Efforts for this project have been completed under this task agreement (as modified)

Project 6. Shorebird Monitoring on Lakes Mead and Mohave

  • Twenty-four surveys were conducted on eight intensively monitored sites on Lakes Mead and Mohave

Project 7. Desert Bighorn Sheep Habitat Use Monitoring in Relation to Highway Development.

  • Data processing and field components were previously completed for this project


Bald eagle--Geographical distribution; Bighorn sheep--Behavior; Desert tortoise--Protection; Empidonax traillii; Falco peregrinus; Gopherus agassizii; Habitat (Ecology)--Protection; Haliaeetus leucocephalus; Ovis canadensis; Peregrine falcon--Habitat; Southwestern willow flycatcher; United States--Lake Mead National Recreation Area; Wildlife monitoring


Desert Ecology | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring




Cooperative Agreement Number: H8R07060001

Task Agreement Number: J8R07060012

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