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Collaboration with Interagency Team

Although the task agreement formally commenced June 30, 2004, the agreement was not fully executed by both parties until July 29, 2004. In the first three months of this agreement, UNLV representatives have met with or communicated via email with the Interagency Volunteer Team on numerous occasions. At the first meeting on July 13, 2004, Government Technical Representative Bobbie Antonich and UNLV Public Lands Initiative Director Nancy Flagg met with the interagency team to discuss the overall goals for the Interagency Volunteer Program (IVP). The team was brought up-to-date on the status of the task agreement, UNLV’s role in fulfilling the agreement, and provided with a draft position announcement for review and comment. Final feedback was received from the Interagency Team via e-mail prior to the posting of the announcement. At the July 13 meeting, team lead Nancy Bernard of the National Park Service noted that it would be ideal to have a new data system in place by the start of the October 1 fiscal year. Another goal noted was to have volunteer events planned on an annual basis. The team also discussed UNLV’s proposal to hire an interim project coordinator while a search for a permanent project manager is ongoing.

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Interagency coordination; Voluntarism; Volunteer workers in environmental education; Volunteer workers in environmental protection


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