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  • UNLV has purchased weather equipment, established a weather station at the ranch, and has begun collecting weather data and conducting preliminary research. The station collects hourly data on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and insolation that is transmitted wirelessly to UNLV and captured and projected on the PLI WBR website. A database of weather information will be maintained for further analysis. Research quantifying solar insolation at the ranch will be conducted.
  • UNLV has begun preparing informational brochures that will be available to the public at the ranch in the future and will provide information on biology, geology, anthropology, and other topics relevant to the ranch and the Mohave desert.
  • Dornbusch and Associates is continuing to conduct a “Visitor Services Feasibility, Compatibility, Market Study, and Business Plan” at the ranch, including all future museum and research center activities. This effort began in April 2010.
  • Bill Wood, who recently retired from UNLV Real Estate Management, is continuing to work with Rex Bell and PLI to finalize an inventory of items that Rex would like to donate or sell to UNLV for inclusion in the planned museum at Walking Box Ranch. The inventory process is facilitating identifying items that will eventually be available for exhibit in the ranch house, the blacksmith shop display, and in the barn exhibit area. Items in the house have been inventoried and items in the blacksmith shop will be inventoried during the next quarter.
  • UNLV is still awaiting word on a grant proposal to the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program to build, upgrade, extend, and deliver high-speed broadband Internet Connectivity to Community Anchor Institutions located throughout Clark County, Nevada, including Walking Box Ranch.
  • UNLV has concluded the Saving America’s Treasures grant with the National Park Service. This grant funded the Master and Preservation Plan that has now been finalized and approved by the NPS and the Nevada SHPO, and is being printed for distribution to BLM and other project stakeholders in the near future.

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Bell; Rex; 1903-1962; Environmental education; Heritage tourism; Historic buildings; Historic preservation; Historic sites – Management; Museums – Planning; Nevada – Searchlight; Ranches; United States – Mojave Desert; Visitors’ centers – Planning


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