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  • UNLV participated in two meetings with BLM regarding updating the current Task Order, obtaining a two-year no-cost extension for the two Assistance Agreements, and to develop the future WBR operating agreement between BLM and UNLV.
  • Weather station progress included: 1) A study to review the recent developments in various building envelope components and their effects on the energy sustainability of a building has been completed and published, 2) Ground-source heat pump (GSHP) Vs Photovoltaic (PV) technology: A detailed comparison of ground source heat pumps and photo voltaics has been initiated, 3) A study to identify the most suitable and economically viable PV technology/technologies for applicability at the ranch buildings has begun, 4) Weather data for more than one complete year are now available and analysis indicates that the ranch may not be suitable for wind energy, but the area receives high insolation, thus the ranch constitutes a very good solar resource, and 5) The weather station is being modified to be grid-power independent, allowing it to be installed anywhere in the ranch as the construction of the new buildings start. All parts have been purchased and the unit will soon be installed.
  • Progress continues in developing pamphlets describing plants and animals native to the area and also describing the local geology.
  • Progress on the Multimedia Field Guides project that will develop and disseminate a modern geological and environmental field guide included testing of seven podcast-style modules by Clark County School District teachers. Based on feedback from the teachers some of the modules are being edited or revised and a physical map to accompany the podcasts is being developed.
  • Blacksmith shop tools acquired by Rex Bell, Jr., have been donated to UNLV by Dorothy Bell. These items will be curated by a new UNLV history professor who specializes in museum curation, and a grad class currently under her direction.
  • An application to CCSD to conduct a Professional Development workshop on Environmental Literacy at the ranch has been approved. The workshop will be held in March 2012. The workshop will offer one professional development credit and be directed at middle and high school teachers who teach earth science, life science, and environmental science.
  • UNLV is nearing completion in work with a security consultant to identify best methods for securing the site when in operation.

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Blacksmithing – Equipment and supplies; Curriculum planning; Environmental education; Environmental literacy; Historic sites – Management; Meteorological stations; Museums – Planning; Nevada – Searchlight; Ranches; United States – Mojave Desert


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