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  • UNLV’s President Smatresk has reiterated his commitment to the WBR project and has further committed full funding for IT and security costs.
  • UNLV participated in a one-half day meeting with BLM to discuss the future WBR operating agreement between BLM and UNLV; UNLV participated in a 1.5 day meeting to review the 100% Design drawings.
  • UNLV continues to wait on BLM for direction on how to mitigate the continuing deterioration of the ranch house.
  • Weather station research continues and has produced the following this past quarter. 1) Ground-source heat pump (GSHP) Vs Photovoltaic (PV) technology: A detailed analysis comparing these two technologies is near completion. 2) Power-autonomous noral incidence pyrheliometer (NIP): A grid-independent power system is under construction. 3) WBR weather station website monitoring, maintenance and upgrading to include NIP data: The system is operating correctly and continuous meteorological data are being collected and evaluated. 4) Analysis of weather station data: Evaluation of data continues and data.
  • A newly funded study to compile available data on Bow and Bell films, their availability, historical importance, and Bell-Bow researchers has generated the first two of four reports.
  • Progress continues in developing pamphlets describing plants and animals native to the area and also describing the local geology.
  • UNLV is working with BLM interpretation expert Carolyn Shelton and Condit on interpretative displays for the ranch.
  • Dorothy Bell has donated blacksmith tools originally used at the ranch to UNLV. The items have been curated by a graduate level public history class and will be available for display in the future museum.
  • The UNLV security consultant has completed his recommendations for the ranch, which have been reviewed by UNLV and forwarded to BLM and AECOM.

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Bell; Rex; 1903-1962; Blacksmithing – Equipment and supplies; Bow; Clara; 1905-1965; Environmental literacy; Historic sites – Management; Meteorological stations; Motion pictures – History; Museums – Planning; Nevada – Searchlight; Ranches; United States – Mojave Desert


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