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  • BLM and UNLV met with AECOM on 7/12/12 to review Walking Box Ranch (WBR) project progress, timing of posting of project bid documents, and the anticipated project calendar through December 2012.
  • BLM and UNLV met on 9/25/12 to update Mark Spencer, BLM’s new Field Manager for the Red Rock/Sloan Field Office, to brief him on UNLV participation at WBR, and to discuss the status of the operating agreement and major concerns that include timely completion of the operating agreement, which will allow completion of business plan and release of $500K for IT and security by UNLV’s president.
  • UNLV is continuing to work with direction from Carolyn Shelton, BLM interpreter (conference call 8/9/12), to collect interpretive content for WBR and has completed a draft interpretation plan that will be circulated for review in the next couple weeks.
  • UNLV’s Office of Sponsored Programs is working with BLM Project Manager Glen Marsh by providing him with detailed information on all expenditures on the two current BLM-UNLV Financial Assistance Agreements (#FAA080094 and #FAA080093).
  • BLM and UNLV representatives participated in a workshop on 10/4/12 to create updated WBR Mission and Vision Statements.
  • UNLV is preparing the ranch for filming on 10/12/12 by BBC filmmakers working on a film project about Clara Bow.
  • UNLV is preparing the ranch for visits by potential general contractors, on 10/11/12, who will visit the ranch to prepare bids for project construction.

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Bow; Clara; 1905-1965; Historic buildings – Maintenance and repair; Historic sites –Interpretive programs; Historic sites – Management; Nevada – Searchlight; Ranches; United States – Mojave Desert


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Financial Assistance Agreement #FAA080093

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