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  • UNLV provides stewardship of Walking Box Ranch (WBR) by providing a caretaker who oversees the property, facilitating use of the property by researchers and educators, developing a use and research policy for the property, and coordinating these activities with BLM and in accordance with TNC restrictions.
  • UNLV currently addresses security issues for the property through the presence of the caretaker and two Metro Officers who reside on the property in two recreational vehicles. UNLV solicitors have concluded that a formal agreement between UNLV and the officers is not appropriate so the officers will continue to reside part-time on the property, but without a signed agreement.
  • BLM continues to review draft versions of a Research Application Permit and a daily/weekly inspection process provided to them in February 2010.
  • UNLV and BLM are waiting on approval from the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (NV SHPO) to temporarily seal a large crack in the ranch house that is allowing moisture to penetrate the walls, using appropriate nonpermanent materials.
  • UNLV is working with BLM to complete the installation of fencing around the perimeter of the 40-acre headquarters property.
  • UNLV is working with BLM to inventory and move historic tools from the NE corner of the Headquarters Parcel to the barn for safekeeping.
  • UNLV, with the assistance of the caretaker, has completed fall 2010 inventories of the bunkhouse, ranch house and caretaker trailer. An inventory of the storage trailer is currently underway.

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Historic buildings – Conservation and restoration; Historic preservation; Historic sites – Management; Nevada – Searchlight; Ranches


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