When Insecurity Breeds Security: Reflecting on Armenia’s Security Dilemma

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In the realm of security, Armenia suffers from a crisis of leadership. More than any other sphere, those responsible for the country’s security are inducing more insecurity. This is not due to malice or ill-intent, but rather by failing to be capable, reliable and professional leaders. One year after the collapse of Armenia’s security architecture, and the ill-designed policies and doctrines that for 30 years led the country towards the path of catastrophe, that same security architecture remains in the hands of a defeated military elite. The house that the architects designed and built collapsed, yet those same architects have been left to assume the responsibility of rebuilding. This is an exercise in self-negation. This remains Armenia’s security dilemma: the current military leadership cannot only not win another war, but by virtue of the failure of the military system they have constructed, cannot secure the physical security of the country. And this is not, by any means, a political statement, but rather, an honest and objective reflection upon the continuous preservation of an institutional status quo that has been defined, since 2016,[1] by debacle and dereliction. The political leadership, unequivocally, shares its immense burden of failures, but this reflection is specific to the security sector and the continuous security dilemma that haunts the country.

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Armenia; Leadership; Recreation leaders--Professional ethics


Leadership Studies | Social Influence and Political Communication

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