California – Pasadena; Central business districts; Historic districts — Conservation and restoration; Historic preservation


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In 1995, the editors of Historic Preservation bestowed their Great American Main Street Awards upon Pasadena, California; Clarksville, Missouri; Dubuque, Iowa; Franklin, Tennessee; and Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. The awards recognized the collective achievements of local governments, citizenry, and historic preservationists who “tapped into community pride and energy and built upon--not over--the inherent value of their community’s historic character.” It is no surprise that Pasadena represents California on this list, as the city has eighty-four separate listings on the National Register of Historic Places as of November 2001. This is more, in fact, than some counties--consider the forty-eight listings in Riverside County, or the thirty-one in Ventura. Even relentlessly prosperous Marin County lists only thirty-eight sites.