Racial and ethnic differences in factors related to drug use among adult female offenders: Implications for treatment

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The present study examined racial and ethnic differences and relationships concerning drug use and distribution. A sample of 225 female offenders equally divided by race (Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic) completed the Addiction Severity Index (ASI; Alterman et al., 2001) and provided history and types of drug-related offenses aside from demographic information. Results revealed that Caucasians had significantly more present possession offenses than did African Americans or Hispanics. However, Hispanics had more present distribution offenses than did African Americans or Caucasians. Moreover, Caucasians had significantly higher Drug Addiction Severity Index scores than did African Americans or Hispanics. This study offers insight into the role that race, ethnicity, and gender play related to drug abuse and criminal offending. © 2016 Taylor & Francis.


Female offending; Race/ethnicity; Substance abuse

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