Serious mental illness and substance use disorder comorbidity

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Neuropsychological Aspects of Substance Use Disorders: Evidence Based Perspectives


Oxford University Press

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New York



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In Neuropsychological Aspects of Substance Use Disorders; internationally recognized experts provide clinicians with the most up to date information on the neuropsychology of substance use disorders based on the empirical literature. Substance use disorders continue to be a major health concern in the United States and worldwide; although their causes and effective treatments remain elusive. Research in this area has expanded dramatically over the past two decades and provided insights into psychobiological; behavioral; and genetic factors that contribute to the onset and maintenance of substance use disorders and associated neuropsychological abnormalities. This research has provided a strong empirical foundation that has direct implications for clinical neuropsychological practice and created a need to provide the practitioner with a cogent and up-to-date summary of current developments; which is the goal of this volume. Chapters in this volume are organized into three sections that are designed to provide a translational overview of basic research and treatment findings regarding addictions; neuropsychological and neurological sequalae of the most common substances of abuse; and consideration of special issues that might confound interpretation of neuropsychological test results. Section I provides an overview of addictions; including diagnoses based on the DSM-IV; as well as the most current conceptualizations of addiction from psychobiological; genetic; and behavioral and no economics perspectives; providing the reader with a broad evidence-based conceptual framework. Section II reviews the most common substances of abuse including coverage of structural and functional neuroimaging findings; epidemiological evidence; and neuropsychological sequelae. Substances included in this section represent the most commonly encountered drugs of abuse. Section III includes coverage of the number of special topics; including specific issues related to psychiatric; medical; and neurological comorbidities. Topics included in this section represent areas of common concerns faced by clinical neuropsychologists in the interpretation and application of neuropsychological test results.


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