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Embracing Anti-Racist Practices in the Music Perception and Cognition Community
David J. Baker, Amy Belfi, Sarah Creel, Jessica Grahn, Erin Hannon, Psyche Loui, Elizabeth H. Margulis, Adena Schachner, Michael Schutz, Daniel Shanahan, and Dominique T. Vuvan


Success as a Psychology Major
David E. Copeland and Jeremy A. Houska


Smorgasbord of Research
Kimberly Barchard


How to Stop Touching Your Face to Minimize Spread of Coronavirus and Other Germs
Stephen D. Benning, Brian Labus, and Kimberly Barchard


Mental Health in Sport
Bradley Donohue and Davy Phrathep


Cultural Considerations in the Behavioral Assessment and Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders
Nina B. Paul, Lance A. Lopez, Michelle N. Strong, and Bradley Donohue


An Optimization Approach to Mental Health in Athletes
Bradley Donohue, Yulia Gavrilova, and Marina G. Harris


Where is Sex Therapy Going?
Marta Meana, Kathryn S.K. Hall, and Yitzchak M. Binik


Painful Intercourse: Genito-Pelvic Pain Penetration Disorder
Evan Fertel, Marta Meana, and Caroline Maykut


COVID-19: Projected Employment Change in the Mountain West, 2019 - 2029
Peter Grema, Madison Frazee-Bench, Caitlin J. Saladino, and William E. Brown Jr.


Queer Expectations: An Empirical Critique of Rural LGBT+ Narratives
Christopher T. Conner and Daniel Okamura


Neurophysiological Changes of Brain and Spinal Cord in Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Protocol
Jing Nong Liang, Savanna Budge, Austin Madriaga, Kara Meske, Derrick Nguyenton, and Kai-Yu Ho


College-Educated Young Adults in the Mountain West
Eshaan Vakil, Olivia K. Cheche, Caitlin J. Saladino, and William E. Brown Jr.

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