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The Urban Heat Island Effect in Nevada
Ember Smith, Kaylie Pattni, Caitlin Saladino, and William E. Brown


The Association Between Etiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Race‐Ethnicity in Florida
Paulo S. Pinheiro, Heidy Medina, Karen E. Callahan, Patricia D. Jones, Clyde Perry Brown, Sean F. Altekruse, Katherine A. McGlynn, and Erin N. Kobetz


Unique White Matter Structural Connectivity in Early-Stage Drug-Naive Parkinson Disease
Virendra R. Mishra, Karthik R. Sreenivasan, Zhengshi Yang, Xiaowei Zhuang, Dietmar Cordes, Zoltan Mari, Irene Litvan, Hubert H. Fernandez, David Eidelberg, Aaron Ritter, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and Ryan R. Walsh


Initial ED Oxygen Saturation ≤90% Increases the Risk of a Complicated Hospital Course in Pediatric Asthmatics Requiring Admission
Jay D. Fisher, Rishika P. Sakaria, Korrina N. Siddiqui, Kristopher J. Ivey, Lauren Bali, and Kreg Burnette


Deconstructing Cognitive Heterogeneity in Puerto Rican Spanish-Speaking Children With ADHD
Alicia Nunez, Liza San Miguel, Jennifer Keene, Bradley Donohue, and Daniel N. Allen


Premier: The Magazine of the UNLV Harrah College of Hospitality
Tony Allen, Matt Jacob, Nicole Schultz, and Cate Weeks

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