Most Recent Additions*


Solution-Focused. Wellness Coaching*
James Beauchemin and Mo Yee Lee


The theoretical and research basis of co-constructing meaning in dialogue
Janet Beavin Bavelas, Peter De Jong, Sara Smock Jordan, and Harry Korman


Removing the Mystery in Supervision: Engaging in Transparent Supervision
Paul Springer, Brie Turns, D. Scott Sibley, and Brandon Eddy


Using the Multi-theory Model (MTM) of Health Behavior Change to Explain Intentional Outdoor Nature Contact Behavior Among College Students
Manoj Sharma, Erin Largo-Wight, Amar Kanekar, Hana Kusumoto, Stephanie Hooper, and Vinayak K. Nahar


Screening for Gambling Disorder in VA Primary Care Behavioral Health: A Pilot Study
Shane W. Kraus, Marc N. Potenza, Tu Ngo, Kendra Pugh, Katarina Bernice, and Steven D. Shirk

*Updated as of 10/01/20.