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An Exploratory Study of the Likelihood of Adopting Genetic Counseling and Testing for Lynch Syndrome-related Colorectal Cancer Among Primary Care Physicians in Florida
Vanessa B. Crowther, Sandra G. Suther, Jullet A. Weaver, Clement K. Gwede, Matthew Dutton, Dongming Cui, and Ivette A. Lopez


The Early Impact of the Affordable Care Act upon Colorectal Cancer Screening Utilization in Florida
Aldenise P. Ewing, Laura Baum, Rosalyn Roker, Marlene Joannie Bewa, Tali Schneider, Claudia F. Parvanta, Clement K. Gwede, Cathy D. Meade, and Dinorah Martinez Tyson


Internet All Nation Breath of life (I-ANBL) a Tribal College Student Engaged Development of an Internet-based Smoking Cessation Intervention
Joseph A. Pacheco, Charley Lewis, Christina M. Pacheco, Jason W. Hale, Jessica A. R. Williams, Sean M. Daley, Christine M. Daley, and Won S. Choi


Visualizing Vulnerable Jobs in Nevada
Peter Grema, Vanessa Booth, Caitlin J. Saladino, and William E. Brown Jr.


Child Food Insecurity in Nevada Counties, 2018
Ally Beckwith, Caitlin J. Saladino, and William E. Brown Jr.


Co-Creating good times
Zihui Ma, Hyelin Kim, and Muzaffer Uysal


A Comparison of Green and Non-Green Advertising in the Hotel Industry
Seyhmus Baloglu, Esra Topcuoglu, and Safak Sahin


Examining the Impact of Political Candidates on Hotel Revenue
Amanda Belarmino and Elizabeth A. Whalen


Crime at Sea: A Review of Crimes Onboard Cruise Ships
Tony Henthorne and Thomas R. Panko


A Buildings Design Quality: Measuring the Esoteric
Carola Raab, Dina Marie Zemke, and Yun Ying Zhong

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