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Limits on Millimeter Continuum Emission from Circumplanetary Material in the DSHARP Disks
Sean M. Andrews, William Elder, Shangjia Zhang, Jane Huang, Myriam Benisty, Nicolas T. Kurtovic, David J. Wilner, Zhaohuan Zhu, John M. Carpenter, Laura M. Perez, Richard Teague, Andrea Isella, and Luca Ricci


Second-Scale Coherence Measured at the Quantum Projection Noise Limit with Hundreds of Molecular Ions
Yan Zhou, Yuval Shagam, William B. Cairncross, Kia B. Ng, Tanya S. Roussy, Tanner Grogan, Kevin Boyce, Antonio Vigil, Madeline Pettine, Tanya Zelevinsky, Jun Ye, and Eric A. Cornell


Synthesis and Chemical Stability of Technetium Nitrides
Emily Siska, Dean Smith, Ashkan Salamat, Keith V. Lawler, Barbara Lavina, Frederic Poineau, and Paul M. Forster


Linear Magnetoelectric Phase in Ultrathin MnPS3 Probed by Optical Second Harmonic Generation
Hao Chu, Chang Jae Roh, Joshua O. Island, Chen Li, Sungmin Lee, Jingjing Chen, Je-Geun Park, Andrea F. Young, Jong Seok Lee, and David Hsieh


Eye of a Rook
Marta Meana


Irritability Is Associated with Illness Severity and Anhedonia Is Associated with Functional Impairment Among Depressed Children and Adolescents
Samantha N. Sherwood, Jennifer K. Youngstrom, Robert L. Findling, Eric A. Youngstrom, and Andrew J. Freeman


Measuring the Frequency of Inner-Experience Characteristics
Russel T. Hurlburt, Christopher L. Heavey, Leiszle Lapping-Carr, Alek E. Krumm, Stefanie A. Moynihan, Cody Kaneshiro, Vincent P. Brouwers, Dio K. Turner II, and Jason M. Kelsey


Making Psychotherapy Available in the United States: Implementation Challenges and Solutions
Patricia A. Areán; Brenna N. Renn PhD; and Anna Ratzliff MD, PhD


Patient Versus Informal Caregiver Proxy Reports of Pain Interference in Persons With Dementia
Amber B. Amspoker, A. Lynn Snow, Brenna N. Renn, Phoebe Block, Sabrina Picken, Robert O. Morgan, and Mark E. Kunik


Comparing the Streamlined Psychotherapy “Engage” With Problem-Solving Therapy in Late-Life Major Depression. A Randomized Clinical Trial
George S. Alexopoulos, Patrick J. Raue, Samprit Banerjee, Patricia Marino, Brenna N. Renn, Nili Solomonov, Adenike Adeagbo, Jo A. Sirey, Thomas D. Hull, Dimitris N. Kiosses, Elizabeth Mauer, and Patricia A. Areán


Assessment of Real-World Use of Behavioral Health Mobile Applications by a Novel Stickiness Metric
Andrew D. Carlo; Reza H. Ghomi MD, MSE; Brenna N. Renn PhD; Michael A. Strong MD; and Patricia A. Areán PhD


Resilience to the Clinical and Social Impacts and Risk of HIV/AIDS: Perspectives of Middle-Aged and Older Men Who Have Sex With Men – A Community Report
Renato M. Liboro, Charles Fehr, George Da Silva, Tammy C. Yates, Lori E. Ross, Paul A. Shuper, Francisco Ibañez-Carrasco, Andrew D. Eaton, Daniel Pugh, Gerry Banks, Garfield Durrant, Kate Hazell, Celeste Joseph, and Ranjith Kulatilake


Turning Points in the Pursuit of STEM Careers: A Mixed-Methods Analysis Focusing on Women of Color
Rachael D. Robnett, Omar Ruvalcaba, Barbara K. Goza, Martin M. Chemers, and Moin Syed


Sexism and Gender Stereotyping: Development of the Self in Adolescence Gender
Rachael D. Robnett, Jennifer E. John, Carrie R. Underwood, and Sarah E. Thoman


Prevention and Treatment of Sex Addiction
Rory C. Reid, Joshua B. Grubbs, and Shane W. Kraus


Which Conditions Should Be Considered as Disorders in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) Designation of "Other Specified Disorders Due to Addictive Behaviors"?
Matthia Brand, Hans-Jürgen Rumpf, Zsolt Demetrovics, Astrid Müller, Rudolf Stark, Daniel L. King, Anna E. Goudriaan, Karl Mann, Patrick Trotzke, Naomi A. Fineberg, Samuel R. Chamberlain, Shane W. Kraus, Elisa Wegmann, Joël Billieux, and Marc N. Potenza


Forest Community Structure and Composition Following Containment Treatments for the Fungal Pathogen Oak Wilt
Scott R. Abella, LaRae A. Sprow, Timothy W. Walters, and Timothy A. Schetter

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