Most Recent Additions*


2019 Lance And Elena Calvert Undergraduate Research Awards Ceremony
Karsyn Wilson, Aariel Armstrong, James Marmaduke, Ei Myint, and Kassidy Whetstone


Pretense and Pathology: Philosophical Fictionalism and its Applications
Bradley Armour-Garb and James A. Woodbridge


Influence of the Flavored Cigarette Ban on Adolescent Tobacco Use
Charles J. Courtemanche, Makayla K. Palmer, and Michael F. Pesko


Medicaid Managed Care and the Health Care Utilization of Foster Children
Makayla Palmer, James Marton, Aaron Yelowitz, and Jeffery Talbert


Cadmium Free Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 Solar Cells with 9.7% Efficiency
Jes K. Larsen, Frederik Larsson, Tobias Torndahl, Nishant Saini, Lars Riekehr, Yi Ren, Adyasha Biswal, Dirk Hauschild, Lothar Weinhardt, Clemens Heske, and Charlotte Platzer-Bjorkman


Applied Archaeobotany of Southwest Asia: A Tribute to Naomi F. Miller
Chantel E. White, John M. Marston, and Alan Farahani


Multiple Colonizations, Hybridization and Uneven Diversification in Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) Lineages on Hawai'I Island
Melissa A. Johnson, Yohan Pillon, Tokomo Sakishima, Donald K. Price, and Elizabeth A. Stacy


How do Magnetotactic Bacteria Synthesize Magnetite? - a Soft X-ray Spectroscopy, Spectromicroscopy and Magnetism Time Course Study
Lucas Le Nagard, Xiaohui Zhu, Adam P. Hitchcock, Dennis A. Bazylinski, Sufal Swaraj, Stefan Stanescu, and Rachid Belkhou


Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Negative Correlation Between Transcripts of Mitochondrial Genes and L1HS, and Positive Correlation Between KRAB-Zfps and Older LINE Elements in Normal Somatic Tissue
Nicky Chung, G. M. Jonaid, Sophia Quinton, Austin Ross, Adrian Alberto, Cody Clymer, Daphnie Churchill, Omar Navarro Leija, and Mira V. Han


Emerging Contaminants in Wastewater, Stormwater Runoff, and Surface Water: Application as Chemical Markers for Diffuse Sources
Ngoc Han Tran, Martin Reinhard, Eakalak Khan, Huiting Chen, Viet Tung Nguyen, Yiwen Li, Shin Giek Goh, Quy Bau Nguyen, Nazanin Saeidi, and Karina Yew-Hoong Gin


Modeling Error Learning based Post-Processor Framework for Hydrologic Models Accuracy Improvement
Rui Wu, Lei Yang, Chao Chen, Sajjad Ahmad, Sergiu M. Dascalu, and Frederick C. Harris Jr.


An Isotopically Depleted Lower Mantle Component Is Intrinsic to the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Christopher DeFelice, Soumen Mallick, Alberto E. Saal, and Shichun Huang


Exploring Angrite Meteorites with Microanalysis: A Broad Spectrum Approach to Constraining Petrogenesis
Steven Singletary, Anthony B. Love, Shangshang Mu, Shichun Huang, and John Sinclair

*Updated as of 05/20/19.