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Mining Association Rules for Low-Frequency Itemsets
Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu, Justin Zhan, and Sanket Chobe


Effectiveness of HT-Assisted Sinkhole and Blackhole Denial of Service Attacks Targeting Mesh Networks-on-Chip
Li Zhang, Xiaohang Wang, Yingtao Jiang, Terrence Mak, and Amit Kumar Singh


Genomic Inference of the Metabolism and Evolution of the Archaeal Phylum Aigarchaeota
Zheng-Shuang Hua, Yan-Ni Qu, Qiyun Zhu, En-Min Zhou, Yan-Ling Qi, Yi-Rui Yin, Yang-Zhi Rao, Ye Tian, Yu-Xian Li, Lan Liu, Cindy J. Castelle, Brian P. Hedlund, Wen-Sheng Shu, Rob Knight, and Wen-Jun Li


Ultrafast Laser Filament-induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Uranyl Fluoride
P. J. Skrodzki, M. Burger, L. A. Finney, Frederic Poineau, S. M. Balasekaran, J. Nees, K. R. Czerwinski, and I. Jovanovic


The Role of Situational Interest in Personalized Learning
Matthew L. Bernacki and Candace Walkington


Pedagogical Differences during a Science and Language Intervention for English Language Learners
Tiberio Garza, Margarita Huerta, Rafae Lara-Alecio, Beverly J. Irby, and Fuhui Tong


Mechanical Properties and Cytotoxicity of PLA/PCL Films
Heeseok Jeong, Jeongwon Rho, Ji-Yeon Shin, Deuk Yong Lee, Taeseon Hwang, and Kwang J. Kim


Wide Educational Disparities in Young Adult Cardiovascular Health
Elizabeth M. Lawrence, Robert A. Hummer, Benjamin W. Domingue, and Kathleen Mullan Harris


Extremal Solutions of Logistic-Type Equations in Exterior Domain in R2
Siegfried Carl, David G. Costa, and Hossein Tehrani


UNLV Libraries ORCID Certification
Matthew Murray and A.L. Carson


Practical Experiences Based on MIPSfpga
Daniel Chaver, Yuri Panchul, Enrique Sedano, David M. Harris, Robert Owen, Zubair L. Kakakhel, Bruce Ableidinger, and Sarah L. Harris

*Updated as of 09/25/18.