Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Office of Research & Economic Development Faculty.


Submissions from 2018

Influence of Perceptual Factors of a Responsible Gambling Program on Customer Satisfaction with a Gambling Firm, Brett Abarbanel, Lisa Cain, and Kahlil S. Philander

Esports Consumer Perspectives on Match-fixing: Implications for Gambling Awareness and Game Integrity, Brett Abarbanel and Mark R. Johnson


Roundtable Discussion from the Experts: Debating Skill Vs. Chance, Anthony Tony Cabot, Jennifer Roberts, Peter Cohen, and Blaine Graboyes

Factors Influencing Internet Gamblers’ Use of Offshore Online Gambling Sites: Policy Implications, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett L. Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski


Strategies to Customize Responsible Gambling Messages: A Review and Focus Group Study, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett L. L. Abarbanel, Kahlil S. Philander, and Jeffrey V. Butler

Submissions from 2017

Best of the Web (Cynopsis: Esports & Gaming), Brett L. Abarbanel

Nerds Need Not Apply, Brett L. Abarbanel

Roundtable on Esports, Steve Brennan, A.G. Burnett, Nicholas Khoo, Ian Smith, and Andre Wilsenach

Customized Responsible Gambling Messaging as a Tool to Encourage Help-Seeking, Sally Gainsbury, Brett L. Abarbanel, Jeffrey Butler, and Kahlil Philander

Game On: Comparison of Demographic Profiles, Consumption Behaviours, and Gambling Site Selection Criteria of Esports and Sports Bettors, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett L. Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski

Intensity and Gambling Harms: Exploring Breadth of Gambling Involvement Among Esports Bettors, Sally M. Gainsbury, Brett L. Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski

Socio-Economic Impacts of Japanese Integrated Resorts: Review & Recommendations, Kahlil S. Philander, Brett L. Abarbanel, Bo J. Bernhard, and Ray Cho

Practical Perspectives on Gambling Regulatory Processes for Study by Japan: Eliminating Organized Crime in Nevada Casinos, Jennifer Roberts, Brett L. Abarbanel, and Bo J. Bernhard

Five Things to Know About eSports, Jennifer Roberts, Brett L. Abarbanel, and Robert Rippee

Notes from the Editor & Guest Editor, Sue Schneider and Brett L. Abarbanel

Examining Millennials and Generational Differences in Online Gaming, Eunju Suh, Matt Alhaery, Brett L. Abarbanel, and Andrew McKenna

Submissions from 2016

Academic Pursuits, Brett L. Abarbanel and Robert Rippee

Submissions from 2015


Personalized medicine in the era of genomics: An Exciting Time for Today's Practice, Michael A. Nasiak, Xiangning Chen, Qing Wu, Mira Han, Justin Zhan, Jingchun Chen, Jenica Abrudan, and Martin R. Schiller