Practical Perspectives on Gambling Regulatory Processes for Study by Japan: Eliminating Organized Crime in Nevada Casinos

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US Japan Business Council


This document provides a research-based overview by the UNLV International Gaming Institute (IGI) and International Center on Gaming Regulation (ICGR) on how the threat of organized crime in the casino industry has been successfully addressed via regulatory, legal, and industry self-policing measures. It is important to note at the outset that the elimination of organized crime in Nevada casinos has contributed to unprecedented success in Las Vegas, as integrated resorts have thrived with support from global banks and investment companies in a manner that would be impossible with any organized crime association. Just as importantly, this elimination has led to widespread public acceptance of an activity, gambling, that used to be highly stigmatized in the United States – in a manner familiar to observers of current-day Japan. Today, as a direct result of this effort, Las Vegas tourism is at an all time high, with more than 42 million visitors to the city last year.