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Master of Science (MS)

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Moses Karakouzian

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Soils with soluble salts occur in semi-arid and arid regions worldwide. The soluble mineral percentage of soil is determined by measuring the weight lost by diluting the soil mass with a fixed quantity of water. Correct estimation of soluble mineral content is made at the point of unsaturation. In the absence of clay, grain size does not affect determination of electrical conductivity for soils. Measurement of the electrical conductivity for a series of dilution ratios provides a reliable means of determining the correct dilution ratio. Measurement of the electrical conductivity of a subset of low water-soil dilution ratios and a subset of high water-soil dilution ratios can be used to determined the correct dilution ratio. The equation for the determination of soluble mineral content of soils does not produce a correct result as the percentage of soluble mineral content should be constant once unsaturation of the water-soil mixture is achieved.


Conductivity; Content; Electrical; Mineral; Soils; Soluble

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Civil engineering; Geotechnology

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