Hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of the shallow alluvial aquifer zone, Las Vegas Valley, Nevada

Harry Stephen Wild, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


In Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, the shallow alluvial aquifer zone is a possible source of contamination to the principal alluvial aquifers that provide 29% of the public drinking water supply for the valley. Overdrafting of the principal aquifers has lowered pressure head in the principal aquifers and created the potential for downward seepage from the shallow aquifer zone. This study was undertaken to describe the hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of the shallow alluvial aquifer zone and to compare the hydrogeochemistry of the shallow and principal alluvial aquifer zones; Comparison of shallow to principal aquifer zone data reveals that TOC, B, Mn, Se, and tritium are all suitable for use as natural tracers for tracing the downward leakage of water from the shallow to the principal aquifer zone. (Abstract shortened with permission of author.).