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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Public infrastructure management is the management of all public assets to maximize public benefit. The management of such assets are complex as they are diverse and distributed throughout the region. Pavement markings and marker materials are used to delineate travel lanes on roads and at intersections, and they are a key component of the roadway system. They play a vital role in facilitating safe traffic operations on roadways. The management of markings and markers is critical to public agencies responsible for roadway operations and traffic safety. However, few agencies have automated or computerized systems to maintain these inventories and to assist them in planning and managing their resources in this regard. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, provides an important step for automating and better managing the pavement markings of the roadway infrastructure; The GIS-based system described in this thesis facilitates developing and maintaining an inventory of pavement markings and markers for individual links of a road network, and performing various queries and analyses using this information. It is based on a set of standard cross-sectional lane design configurations for links. Quantities of materials required for each design category and unit installed costs of the materials are maintained in a master spreadsheet that is linked to the GIS program. Information, such as link length are maintained in the GIS environment, so that the user input is kept to a minimum. Each link is assigned a unique identification number and is coded based on the type of materials used and the type of cross-sectional lane design. The GIS program is linked to a series of spreadsheets that are used to calculate the quantities of materials used and their costs. The system provides invaluable capabilities to managers and policy makers regarding the evaluation of safety, operations, fiscal planning, and allocation of resources.


Based; GIS; Infrastructure; Management; Markers; Markings; Pavement; System; Traffic

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Civil engineering

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