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Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science

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Mehran Tamadonfar

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Chapter 1 outlines empirical and normative theories of national sovereignty. A comprehensive analysis of the origins and evolution of sovereignty is offered. We suggest that the notion of absolute sovereignty is antiquated and needs scientific reassessment; Chapter 2 discusses theories of the nation-state , while keeping in mind that the conceptualization of the nation-state is intertwined with that of sovereignty; Chapter 3 gives a comprehensive overview of contending theories of globalization ion and definitional confusion associated with the concept. We conceptualize globalization in general and economic globalization in particular; Chapter 4 takes the International Monetary Fund as a case study and as one of the manifestations of globalization. We describe the principles and the rationale behind the creation of the IMF, its achievements and failures since its founding in 1945; Chapter 5 (Conclusion) discusses recent developments which point at the erosion of state-centered Realism, a theoretical construct, that views states as the dominant and unitary actors on the international level. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Analysis; Changing; Economics; Globalization; National; Role; Sovereignty; World

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International law

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