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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Brendan J. O'Toole

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The work involves the analysis and verification of the pultrusion process. The pultrusion machine at UNLV was improved by modifying the consolidation and the cooling system. A comparative study of the material properties of the pultrusion process and the compression molding were done with the theoretical material properties. This involved a series of compression molding experiments of the commingled material followed by the pultrusion process itself. The results were then confirmed by a series of mechanical tests of the material obtained as a result of the pultrusion and the compression molding processes in the Material Test System (MTS) machine. The work also involved the setting up of a control system using LabView, instrumentation software. A data acquisition system and remote control system using serial communication was created for the pultrusion machine. The comparative study showed that compression molding samples were 32% stronger and had 52% higher modulus. All the data were plotted in a graph for better understanDing The changes in the consolidation did not improve the material properties but decreased the flexural strength by 60% and modulus by 75% from the previous dies. The material properties can be improved by changing the cooling system of the consolidation module. The flexural strength and the modulus of the pultrusion system were 10% and 15% better than the theoretically predicted values. The compression molding samples had flexural strength and the modulus were 20% better than the theoretically predicted.


Commingled; Composite; Materials; Pultrusion; Thermoplastic

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Mechanical engineering; Plastics

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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