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My research of Noah Webster, his moral beliefs, his religious conversion, his political persuasions, and his voluminous writings, has indisputably revealed that Webster intended to shape the entire American nation through his writings and through its public education system. Relying primarily on Webster's early works and his dictionary (1828), I discovered his strong convictions against slavery, his promotion of formal education for women, his moral biases, his political character, and his ardent support for an independent American republic; The thesis that evolved is developed in five chapters beginning with a characterization of Webster in Chapter One, describing his profound patriotism and his bookish nature. Chapter Two investigates Webster's ideology; Chapter Three imparts his influence on American education and culture; Chapter Four communicates his timely and universal thoughts; Chapter Five reveals Webster's innate abilities and application of effective methods to achieve his ends. Within each chapter, original word entries to include the entire alphabet were selected from Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language to reveal the culture of his time, to convey the extensive influence of Webster's writings, and to express the heart and mind of the man himself.


Noah; Out; Spelled; Webster

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Political science; Education; History; Biography

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