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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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Lawrence A. Golding

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This summary examined the excess post-exercise O{dollar}\sb2{dollar} consumption (EPOC) after a 45 min exercise period at approximately 70% of VO{dollar}\sb{\rm 2max.}{dollar}, the EPOC after three 15 min exercise periods at the same intensity, and the thermic effect of a standard liquid meal (10 kcal{dollar}\cdot{dollar}kg{dollar}\sp{-1}{dollar} of LBM) in conjunction with the exercise. Three of five treatment days were designed to single out: treatment 1: TEM(X = 7.6 I (4.3)), treatment 2: the EPOC after a 45 min running period: EPOC45 (X = 6.9 I (3.4)), and treatment 4: the EPOC after three 15 min running periods three hours apart: EPOC 3 x 15 (X = 15.0 I (3.0)). The other two were combinations of treatments one and two and treatments one and four. Trends toward a greater EPOC in combination with three separate exercise periods were observed. There also appeared to be a greater combined EPOC and TEM in conjunction with three exercise periods. (Abstract shortened with permission of author.).


Combined; Continuous; Effects; Exercise; Food; Intermittent; Thermic

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Physical education and training; Physiology; Nutrition

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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