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This research tested whether being dignified by one's manger had a relationship with LMX and psychological empowerment. Specifically, did being dignified or derogated by one's manager lead to LMX and psychological empowerment's three dimensions: meaning, influence, and self-efficacy?;In order to examine the relationships mentioned above, survey data were collected from 325 employees of service firms located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A majority of the employees (255) were students who attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas, while the others were from other service organizations in Las Vegas and Boston. The data was examined using a path analysis to test the hypotheses and the post hoc test in order to find the model that best fit the data. Results indicated that being dignified by one's manager increased LMX and two dimensions of psychological empowerment, meaning and influence. Being derogated by one's manager decreased LMX and one dimension of psychological empowerment, influence. LMX was discovered to lead to positive psychological empowerment. Dignification and derogation affect psychological empowerment indirectly. Although some of the hypotheses were supported, the hypothesized model did not provide the best fit of the data.


Being; Dignified; Empowerment; Exchange; Impact; Leader; Managers; Members; One; Psychological

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Management; Psychology, Industrial

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