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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Mohamed Trabia

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The nuclear waste package must be designed to withstand structural deformation caused by static, thermal, and handling loads. In addition, it has to maintain its integrity in case of accidents, where it may be subjected to high loads over very short period of time. To simulate accident scenarios accurately, this thesis attempts to experimentally identify dynamic properties of materials for the nuclear waste container; The implementation of the project involves a number of steps. First, candidate materials for the nuclear waste package were identified. Literature review showed that the behavior of these materials under impact loading was not well documented. Second, testing equipment is selected to match the appropriate specimen type. Two machines are used for the experimental part of the project: MTS Axial/Torsion Material testing system and Instron Dynatup impact test machine. Third, fixtures for tensile testing using two machines were designed and manufactured. Fourth, experimental procedures for testing of materials are proposed for the MTS and Instron testing machines. Finally, evaluation of the material testing results is performed.


Dynamic; Identification; Materials; Nuclear; Package; Properties; Waste

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Mechanical engineering; Nuclear engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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