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Master of Science (MS)


Mathematical Sciences

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Sandra N. Catlin

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Current research suggested a relationship between alcohol availability and problems, including suicide, and car accidents. However, the relationship between alcohol availability and alcohol related hospital admissions, such as acute intoxication and liver damage, has not been widely explored. Measuring alcohol availability by alcohol outlet density and using data for alcohol related hospital admissions in the city of Chicago, a Poisson regression analysis determined that neighborhoods with a higher percentage of African-Americans, higher poverty level, and a greater density of alcohol outlets had a greater number of alcohol related hospital admissions than other neighborhoods. To control for individual level characteristics, a generalized linear mixed model was fit using Markov Chain Monte Carlo. The likelihood of a hospital admission being alcohol related was higher in neighborhoods with a greater number of alcohol outlets. These findings suggest that increased regulation of alcohol outlet licensing may help reduce alcohol related hospital admissions.


Admissions; Alcohol; Analysis; Availability; Chicago; City; Hospital; Illinois; Related; Relationship

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Statistics; Public health; Demography

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