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Gambling has always been an influential factor in literature; the importance of gaming to social entertainment in the eighteenth-century is inextricable from both historical and literary studies of the period. In the novel, gaming functions as a tangible social vice; the financial perils and moral recriminations suffered by literary characters is an essential part of their personal development; Frances Burney uses gaming as a fundamental element in her early novels; the trials her heroines experience during their forays into society all include the presence of gaming in some form. The proximity of gaming, as well as the social and moral implications of indulging in such behavior, negatively influence each of Burney's heroines in some way. The women must learn to navigate through society's intricacies while protecting their moral characters, ultimately securing the esteem and affection of their respective love interests.


Burney; Early; Female; Frances; Gambling; Gaming; Moral; Novels; Ramifications; Virtue

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British literature; English literature--Irish authors; Irish literature

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